Babavanga’s prediction: What will happen between 2028 and 5076?Will mankind perish or become gods?

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There is such a woman, she successfully predicted the world war ii, predicting the collapse of the Soviet union, the chernobyl disaster, Stalin’s death, nine MAO MAO attacks, Mr Obama took office, the UK, beginning to trump also forecasts the China be the first in the United States, Europe, muslims rule human become cyborgs, Mars immigrants, alien fusion, the collapse of the universe, the sun is out.The woman, Babavanga, was a blind Bulgarian seer who had made predictions for world leaders and was protected by the Bulgarian Council.If you don’t believe in China becoming number one, in Mars migrating, in the extinction of the sun and the collapse of the universe, then how do you explain all the events he predicted?Today, we will take you to talk about this amazing prophet and the predictions he made.Babavanga was born in 1911 and died in 1996.The Babawans were an ordinary little girl from a very poor family.His father was drafted in World War I, and his mother died later.Babavanga struggled to survive with the help of neighbors and relatives.After the war, her hometown was ceded to Yugoslavia, and the Yugoslav authorities confiscated all of her father’s property because of Bulgarian activities, adding to the already poor family’s problems.As a child, Babavanga was so smart that she was always able to findHe also likes to play the role of healer in the game, prescribing prescriptions to his friends.Babavanga might not have been known without an accident, but when she was fourteen years old, a tornado changed her life.The 1924 tornado was so rare that it left no one in its path. Babavanga’s family farm was destroyed and she herself was swept up in the air.People chased the tornado for a long distance before they found Babavanga, who had been left on the ground.He was dying, his eyes covered with sand and dust, and he could no longer see the bright world.It was very painful for a young girl to be blind, but god seemed to open a window when he closed a door on her.Babavanga told people that she seemed to be able to see strange things, as if she could see into the future.It was suspected at the time that the little girl had gone insane from the shock, but by the time she was sixteen, Babavanga was able to prophesy.Babavanga prophesied many things that had not yet happened, and one by one these things came true, so that word after word spread, and the fame of babavanga the prophet spread throughout Bulgaria.In 1934, Babavanga suffered from pleurisy, and without prompt treatment, doctors decided that she would soon die.But Babavanga was not afraid, but extremely optimistic, perhaps knowing that he would soon recover.During the Second World War, it was rumoured that Hitler visited Babavanga. Hitler went in buoyant and came out depressed.No one knows what happened between them, but judging by the ending, Hitler may have been told by then that her end was destruction.Having the ability to predict the future isn’t all good, as she can also predict the death of a loved one.During World War II, her brother prepared to join a guerrilla army to fight Hitler and promised Babavanga that he would return.But Babavanga was especially sad because she saw her brother die.Babavanga’s brother ignored her language and died in battle.In addition, Babavanga predicted the death of her husband later in life, who died in 1962.On April 8, 1942, Czar Boris III of Bulgaria visited her, but their exchange was kept secret.After World War II, politicians and leaders of the Bulgarian Soviet and other Soviet republics, including Soviet Prime Minister Leonid Bereznev, sought her help, further spreading Babavanga’s fame around the world.Bulgarian leaders took Babavanga so seriously that they set up the Vanga Protection Committee, charged with keeping babavanga safe.Its chairman coward also once had a very magical fate with Baba Wanga, in a long time ago, Novo had visited Baba Wanga, at that time he was only twenty years old, that Baba Wanga is a false name, is a witch, god stick, he wanted to expose Baba Wanga’s deception.When he arrived, however, Babavanga said he had come too early and that he would come again.Why, the coward wondered, did Babavanga say such a thing, and why should he say he would come again?But I do not know the fate is wonderful, or everything is predetermined, a coward became the chairman of the wanjia protection Committee, he naturally visited baba Wanjia.Later in life, baba and predicted the chernobyl disaster, the collapse of the Soviet union, Stalin’s death, also indicate the kursk submarine sank, baba and died in 1996, but she predicted the article forty-fourth President of the United States for a black President, and predicted its successor will lead us into decline, the successor is a trump.Babavanga also predicted Brexit, which is almost preposterous given that brexit is also a recent event. How does Babavanga, who has been dead for more than a decade, know this?Babavanga, who also made predictions about 9/11, said she saw one.The iron birds hit the American brothers. Isn’t that the twin towers that were hit in the 9/11 attacks?Of course, Babavanga’s prediction is not 100% accurate. She predicted that 2011 would be a year of extinctions in the Northern Hemisphere caused by nuclear radiation, a year that did not result in extinctions in the Northern Hemisphere despite the huge crisis caused by the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.His prediction that World War III would start at the end of 2010 did not happen, so babavanga’s predictions are not entirely reliable.But according to his followers, Babavanga is 86 percent accurate, an alarming probability.Believe it or not, what happened happened.Let’s take a look at what Babavanga predicted hasn’t happened yet.Take a look at the fate of humanity in Babavanga’s predictions.2028, the human development of new energy, and will be manned to Venus, that is to say, eight years after the human energy will have a breakthrough, this breakthrough will make human space travel become possible.2033, polar ice melts, world sea level rises, the pace of global warming is getting faster, sea level rise is underway.Perhaps this prediction tells us that in 2033, the coastal cities of human beings will encounter a great disaster, and in 2046 all human organs can be artificially cultivated and replaced as the best means of medical treatment. I believe this prediction will be realized in the future, but it is not certain when it will be realized.Babavanga then predicts that humans will become robots by 2111, suggesting that some humans have already begun to combine with machines after organ transplants.In 2066, when the United States attacked the Muslim-ruled city of Rome, it used the climate weapon, which could cool the climate. Perhaps this is the new weapon in future wars, which would not destroy the city, but could make people unbearable.In 2076, proletarian society is born, and the proletarian society here seems to mean that mankind has gone completely into communism.In 2088, there is a terrible virus in the world that can make people age rapidly.The virus was so tenacious that it wasn’t completely suppressed until 2097.The Novel Coronavirus is so terrifying now, if it does.One day, we can only hope that this prophecy is not fulfilled.By 2100, the man-made sun will cover the dark side of the earth, meaning there will be no night on earth and humans will be able to work around the clock.Xi Da Pu ran.In 2123, wars continued between small countries, while big countries acquiesced and did not get involved in disputes.In two years’ time, Hungary will receive a signal from space to sink populated areas into the ocean floor, which could mean building cities on the ocean floor for unknown reasons.In 2183, the Colony of Mars has mastered nuclear technology and asked for independence from earth. It seems that human beings have achieved interstellar colonization in this year, but it is not known whether there is any other home except Mars.In 2201, the sun’s thermonuclear reaction slows down.The ice Age is coming, and after 20 years, earth is no longer habitable and the search for extraterrestrial life is on.In this period of contact to do evil alien creatures, to star civilization, must assume the corresponding risk, here believe that the earth people have psychological preparation.The return of a spaceship in 2256, bringing a terrible disease to humanity, seems like science fiction, reminiscent of alien.In 2273, the yellow race, the white race and the black race have all disappeared and a new race has emerged.Perhaps with the change of living environment and intermarriage among humans, the basic form of human beings changed.In the year 2279, we may find a new energy source in the vacuum and black holes that will allow us to advance our technology so rapidly that the laws of physics that we broke eight years ago will finally apply.The development of human science and technology is limited by the basic laws of physics. The breakthrough of basic theories and the discovery of new energy are enough to make human beings have a leap in science and technology.In 2288, humans can travel through time and space and have close contact with aliens.Although we are not destined to see this scene, but imagine also feel that the future of humanity is promising.In 2291, the sun went out of fire and failed to reignite it. A few years later, the sun exploded causing gravity to change and spacecraft and satellites to fall, indicating that humans may still be living on Earth or on other planets in the solar system.In the year 2302, the secrets of the universe were revealed, and the secrets of the moon were later discovered, which was an incredible idea for Babavanga as a blind woman, a woman of the last century.In 2480, the man-made SUNS collided, plunging the earth into darkness, without the sun and without the artificial sun, and wondering how humans would survive.In 3010, a comet hit the moon, causing earth to have a ring of dust, perhaps like Saturn.In 3797, the earth’s tens of thousands of spirits are dead, but human beings have sown the seeds of life on other planets, it seems that it is impossible for human beings to want to completely perish, after all, human beings have gone to the universe.In 4304, humans found a cure for any disease, so that humans no longer have to suffer from disease, the only threat to humans are resources and humans themselves.In 4308, due to mutation, 34 percent of the human brain was used. At this time, the human race lost the concept of evil and hatred. The potential of the human brain is very large, it will be two thousand years before it reaches 34 percent, and it is not known when it will be fully developed.4509, when humans were able to communicate with the gods, reaching the level of god’s communication, perhaps the human brain had already developed to a higher level and developed so rapidly.In 4599, mankind became immortal, and by 4674, there will be 340 billion people living in the universe.At this time, human science and technology believe that has broken through the imagination of human beings, has not been able to guess.In 5076, the boundary of the universe was discovered, but no one knew what was beyond it.Two years later, the human race decided to leave the boundary of the universe, and 40 percent of the people were against it, and maybe the people who were against it stayed in the existing universe, and 60 percent of the people chose to go out into the universe, but no one knows what was out there.If you look at Babavanga’s language alone, this is almost a science fiction novel, not much less than Liu Cixin’s three-body Problem, but given Babavanga’s repeated success in predicting the future, these seemingly science fiction things add an ineffable dimension of imagination.Will this really be the world of the future?To know that, let us live another five thousand years.