2021 Ten Expansion and Contraction Industry Data Panorama Report (Qianzhan Industry Research Institute)

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As the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the national economy will recover steadily in 2021.In 2021, China’s investment in fixed assets (excluding rural households) reached 5.44547 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.9 percent over the previous year.By industry, investment in primary industry increased by 9.1%, investment in secondary industry by 11.3%, and investment in tertiary industry by 2.1%. Industry was the main area of fixed asset investment.In the context of China’s economic development and recovery, we still face uncertainties such as the spread of the global epidemic, uncertain trade recovery and changes in supply chains, helping investors, enterprises and government agencies at all levels to see the economic development situation, see the truth of the industry development, and see the direction of the industry.Qianzhan Industry Research Institute released “2021 Ten Expansion/contraction Industry data panorama Report” to 2021 economic development review and ten expansion/contraction industry in-depth analysis.For the full version of this article, please follow our official account: Xia Said.Taixia has collected more than 13,000 reports or programs, covering all walks of life, assisting the workplace, cultivating the pattern and enlarging the vision.The following are excerpts from the report:2020-2021 White Paper on the Development of China’s Internet Medical Industry (CN, IiMedia Consulting,2021.03). Pdf2021 Ten Expansion and Contract Industry Data Panorama Report – Prospective Industry Research Institute -2022-77. Pdf2021 China PPP Market Annual Report – Ming Tree Data -2022-141Pdf2021 Chinese New Chinese Noodle Shop Industry Overview – Tou Bao Research Institute. Pdf2021 National Second-hand housing market summary and prediction:Pdf2021 Internet Investment and Financing operation in the fourth quarter of 2021. Pdf2021 Government Guide Fund Thematic research Report. Pdf2021 stock index futures market annual inventory and outlook:Running state gradually into a good situation, hedge the environment wax spring.Key cornerstone of electronic industry. Pdf2022 China Privacy Computing Technology and Market Development Research Report. Pdf58 Anju Room Industry Research Institute -2021 China new Charm Property Market annual Ranking interpretation. PdfGartner – Accelerating digital Development,PDF “Meta-universe Development Research Report 2.0”, Tsinghua University, 2022. PDF Shanghai New Century Credit – Automotive Manufacturing Industry 2022 credit Outlook. PDF Chinese Teachers’ Future Education Cognition Survey report – Chinese Academy of Education & AMP;China Education Development Strategy Association -77 pages. PDF White Paper on China’s Network Security Industry. PDF Using machine learning to Achieve Transformative business Results. PDF Ningde Times _ In-depth Tracking Report:PDF JAC automobile _ Investment Value Analysis Report: Explore OEM model, is expected to become the third pole of Volkswagen in China. PDF Private Equity Organization 2022 Market Outlook – CITIC Construction Investment -202201.PDF Shell Research Institute – The Rise of the Era of Service: Residential Service Development Research White Paper 2022. PDF Ali New Service Research Center – Scientific and Technological Innovation Path and Application Research Report 2021.The official website of Xia Shuo Think Tank: www.guotaixia.com