When is Wiseman coming back?Cole gives the answer!Don’t come back and ruin the warriors

2022-09-07 0 By

The Warriors travel to Oklahoma City today to face the Thunder.Before the game, I saw this scene: Wiseman came to the road practice with the team, he completed a very slippery spin layup.He seems to be recovering well in terms of his overall technical movement and mental state.He is still recovering from surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee on April 16.Kerr also said of the no. 2 overall pick’s return schedule: “Wiseman could be back in the playoffs, but we really don’t know what’s going to happen.”There may be some Braves fans who think wiseman shouldn’t come back for the playoffs, that it will ruin the team’s chemistry, that it will be smart to drive points, and that it will ruin the game.Judging by his previous matches, he certainly does eat well.Not least, he had trouble understanding the Warriors’ game plan.When the team’s starting lineup shifted from him to Luni, Curry was significantly more comfortable.Especially in the playoffs, it’s not the time for him to step up.Warriors at this time to pursue results.But the paradox is that the Warriors really don’t have a big inside.The only one with a real five is Luni.He’s practical, and he works hard, even if it looks all right at the moment.But in the playoffs, the Warriors’ problem is likely to be exposed.If you faced a grizzly bear again, would you be sure to get your revenge?There really is a question.The defensive pressure is intense when you have to play Adams and Jarren inside.Plus, ayton alone can shut down the warriors inside.If Luni gets fouled or injured, the team will have to play small, and if Berlica, it will be impossible to defend.So, like I said, the Warriors need a guy like that late Australian post guy who can eat the cake off the rim and have some playmaking skills…At this stage, it depends on what the management will do.On the one hand, they can sit tight because the regular season didn’t have much of a problem and they don’t need to adjust.But if they have the courage, they can also choose to start the trade button, with young chips, to exchange for a powerful inside…Tigo is often asked what he thinks of the warriors’ prospects, and with Klay recovering well, my answer is that there are concerns inside.