Today, winter Olympics meet spring!

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Today, we usher in the year of the Tiger in the 24 solar terms of the first solar term – Spring.The beginning of spring, also known as the first month festival, festival, change age, age denier, etc.As the first of the 24 solar terms and the first of the four seasons, Licchun represents the change of winter and spring.Spring returns to the earth, vientiane updates, the prelude of the four seasons began from now on, the start of the new cycle of all things also opened.Black-headed gulls fly at haigeng Park in Kunming, Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, Feb. 1, 2019.Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Xinbo take the east wind thawing wanmu sprouts according to the “seventy-two hou set solution” records: “the first month festival.Li, founded also……In this and the spring wood of the gas beginning to, so that the standing also, with the start of summer autumn winter.”Li means “beginning”, and spring brings the growth of all things and the warming of the temperature.As the saying goes, “On the first day of Spring, 100 grasses sprout back.”After this season, the ice and snow melt, water warm three minutes, plants sprout, flower buds bloom, although the cold is still there, but the warm spring days have been unstoppable.As the start of Spring solar term approaches, ducks swim leisurely in the pond.In ancient times, the 15 days of Start of Spring were divided into three pentad: “The first pentad thawed from the east wind;Second hou insects vibrate;Three hou fish negative ice.”Now the east wind brought warmth and the long-frozen earth began to thaw.Insects that hibernate in burrows gradually emerge from hibernation.The river water temperature gradually warm, fish began to float on the surface of the water, and because of the water there are broken ice, from the shore, like fish swimming with ice.The beginning of Spring is not only an important solar term, but also a lively folk festival.Since ancient times, there have been colorful folk activities all over the country, such as welcoming spring, trekking spring, biting spring and beating spring cattle.In the folk, people often start with the beginning of spring and the hour of the year for the beginning of farming.In ancient times, people would break clay figurines on the day of Start of Spring to pray for a good harvest in the New Year.Now, some areas still retain the custom of beating spring cattle, to remind everyone not to miss the time of farming, to grasp the production of spring ploughing.Teng Yong brings red flowers to the “spring ox”.Eating spring refers to the day of the start of Spring, people are used to eating spring cakes, spring rolls, and radishes, as a kind of diet regimen, implying good health in the New Year.Eat radish, not only “bite the root broken, Pepsi can be done” meaning, and because of its sweet and sweet spread effect, conducive to health and promote digestion.What are your wishes for the New Year?Start of spring day to set your “New Year flag”!The start of spring this year coincides with the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. For Chinese people, it can be said that the Winter Olympics meet the spring, and double happiness is approaching this spring, we are looking forward to the future together!Source: People’s Daily Online