The 2022 Work Arrangement and Deployment Conference

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Meeting on work Arrangement and Deployment in 2022Speech by Lieutenant Governor at the state Health and Medical Security Teleconference (3)5. Speech by Lieutenant Governor at the 2022 Statewide Tobacco Work Conference on Civil Affairs and Disabled Persons’ FederationSpeech by Lieutenant Governor at the 2022 Statewide Science and Technology Innovation Work ConferenceSpeech at the Prefectural Conference on Epidemic Prevention and Control and Work Safety in 2022Speech at the 2022 Prefectural Conference on Epidemic Prevention and Control and Work SafetyComrades: Due to the epidemic situation, this year’s provincial meeting on transportation will be held by video conference.Although I did not have a meeting with everyone, the video meeting was to meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and more people attended the meeting. In the past, it was mainly the “top leaders” who attended the meeting, but the effect of conveying the meeting after returning was not the same.This time we directly to the city, the drive to the county, all the group members and the main transportation department head to attend, also specially invited hair change, finance, natural resources, ecological environment, such as grass, public security traffic police department heads and cities and counties in charge of the work lead to direct traffic, more participants will cover the scope of the wider, believe the meeting effect will be better.In 2021, in the face of multiple challenges and difficulties, all transportation personnel grabbed strategic opportunities and worked together to promote high-quality development of transportation, achieving a “good start” in the “14th Five-year Plan”.Today, it is one of the 20 things, I’ll check it alone: one is our one thousand ways to overcome the outbreak, land, environmental protection, material elements such as restriction, promote the year road waterway construction investment 215.8 billion yuan, row 2 across the country, after ten years later, finally crossed the $200 billion mark, when the province grasp the project, to promote investment, steady growth in the “main force”.Two is around “traffic” strategic positioning, on the highway, ordinary provincial roads, rural roads, inland water transportation system layout planning adjustment, among them, the “difference” comprehensive traffic planning, high speed highway network planning has been the provincial government approval, formed the x traffic “medium to long term layout planning + 14 or 15 + special focus” of the planning system….Eighteen is the successful completion of the truck driver party construction special pilot, in jintang service area, “online” the country’s first truck driver “warm heart home”, and promote in the province, the driver friends “drink hot water, eat hot rice, take a hot bath, sleep on the safe sleep”, really feel the warmth of the Party.19th, we carried out the construction of “clean transportation” in the whole industry, detailing 79 specific work in 10 aspects, promoting the integration of not daring to be corrupt, can not be corrupt and do not want to be corrupt, creating a good environment of clean air, highly praised by the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision.The achievement, benefits from the provincial party committee provincial government’s strong leadership.The achievement of the party committee at all levels of government attaches great importance to.The achievement, benefits from the brother department’s strong support.The achievement is obtained, benefit from the active participation of transportation enterprises.The achievement, benefits from the hard work of all traffic people.At the beginning of the end, we shall, in accordance with the leadership workshops of a hall, all the departments and units of work, to listen to it again, this year the focus of the work of a research, formed the printing work report meeting today and investment and major projects list, what goal is 2022, what is the specific measures, already very clear,We need to do our best to implement it.I have repeatedly stressed the importance of systematic thinking, urging all comrades to “play the piano with ten fingers”, keep a good grasp of the progress and pace of our work, and promote the coordinated development of transport in a coordinated way.Today, I would like to talk with you about the 10 tasks in the report. I think these 10 tasks need to be focused on at present, or they are weak points and weak links, or they need to be given high attention. This is also a systematic thinking based on overall planning and focusing on key points.The “what to do” report has been written very clearly, here I mainly share with you why to do it?What’s the key?So as to enlighten everybody train of thought, do the job well jointly.First, to promote transport investment and construction at a high level; second, to strictly control project quality; third, to revive the status of X as a major province of water transport; fourth, to reconstruct the transport service system. I believe that in order to solve the current dilemma, three aspects must be reconstructed: first, the reconstruction of governance system.First of all, we must do our best to solve the problem of “failing to do our jobs and hanging responsibilities” brought about by the reform of the administration of operations.Second, we should comply with the reform requirements of “delegating power, delegating power, improving regulation and providing services” and pay more attention to the application of scientific and technological means.Third, we should change the work pattern of “going it alone” and pay more attention to the coordination between departments.Fifth, to promote the transformation and upgrading of ordinary roads, sixth, to further promote green and low-carbon development, seventh, to coordinate the implementation of digital transport, eighth, to deepen comprehensive law enforcement of transport, ninth, to promote clean transport, tenth, and firmly uphold the bottom line of work safety. Thank you!(3) Comrades: it is the most simple wish of the masses to get medical treatment, and it is the duty of xx at all levels.Today, we are meeting to arrange these two tasks, so as to mobilize relevant departments at all levels to step up their positions, enhance their sense of mission and sense of responsibility, and take health and medical care work to a new level with vigor and energy.Below, I emphasize the opinions of the three aspects: first, unswervingly along the xx guide direction, to compose the health of China chapter x 2, positive response to the good of the people for a better life yearning, promote high quality state of health and health care development focus on the following three aspects: (1) build a new outbreak of defense.2. Promoting health x construction3. Improving medical security servicesSpeech at the 2022 Prefectural Tobacco Tobacco Work Meeting (4)Now, I would like to emphasize five points. First, we must fully recognize our achievements.Second, we must seize opportunities for tobacco development.Third, we need to implement this year’s production plan.Fourth, we must do a good job in key tobacco work.Fifth, to pay close attention to the current strengthening assessment.Comrades, The work of the Civil Affairs and disabled Persons’ Federation is closely related to the lives of the people. It is the key to ensuring and improving people’s livelihood. It is related to the success of high-quality development and reflects the party’s original aspiration, mission and purpose.The earlier these two tasks are planned and implemented, the more they will benefit the people and the more they will have a strong sense of benefit.Below, I emphasize several opinions: one, deep study relentlessly resourceful xx important discourse about home and work for the disabled, resolutely carry on the responsibility of the heart is “the head of the” second, emphasizing the state civil administration and the key point of the development of the undertakings for disabled persons of high quality work, in the light of a domain for all-round construction of modern new global x a proud addition to focus on the following four aspects:First, we ensured the bottom line of ensuring people’s wellbeing.Second, innovation will promote the development of old-age services.Third, we will improve the system for assisting the disabled.Fourth, we will improve social governance.Strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen responsibility, and ensure greater results in civil affairs and disabled people’s work.We must always maintain the spirit of “chuang”, the momentum of “innovation”, and the style of “doing”, and strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development of civil affairs and disabled people in prefectural.Speech by Lieutenant Governor at the 2022 Statewide Science, Technology and Innovation Work ConferencePlease follow the work requirements, combined with the actual efforts to implement.Now, I would like to make three comments.First, acknowledge achievements, face up to shortcomings, and enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency in developing scientific and technological innovation work. Second, set standards and meet the requirements of key tasks, and take scientific and technological innovation work to a new level in 2022. Third, strengthen measures, consolidate responsibilities, and ensure that all work is fully implemented.2. Strengthen coordination and form synergy.(3) Strengthen management and conscientiously perform duties.Comrades, Lieutenant Governor X and Executive Deputy Governor X have just made specific arrangements for epidemic prevention and control and work safety respectively. I fully agree with them….Let me begin with a few comments.First, ideological understanding should be fully in place.Second, prevention and control measures should be in place.Third, investigation and rectification should be fully in place.Fourth, the implementation of responsibilities should be fully in place.Comrades, according to the arrangement of the meeting, I would like to talk about the epidemic prevention and control work during the Spring Festival in Quanzhou from three aspects.Secretary X and Governor X will give important instructions later. Please earnestly implement them.On epidemic prevention and control In general, we need to respond to the requirements of the higher authorities, adhere to a problem-oriented approach, and focus on the following three areas of work.First, with a higher standing position, further compacted quartet responsibility.Second, more concrete measures should be taken to further refine prevention and control measures.Third, with better preparation, further improve disposal efficiency.