Lesson 4 of Learning to Drive (53)

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Section three can be said to be a one-time pass, won 90 points, all the difficulties of learning to drive are solved, it can also be said to be a pleasant journey, for me a small white all the way smoothly won a small goal in life ah, it is rare precious ah!Next is to prepare for division four (liberal arts), division four a lot of people are said to be in the bag, for the people who work hard is so.I wanted to strike while the iron is hot, but the plan can not catch up with the change, hit the system of 12123 this platform is broken, unable to update.Asked the coach also said that the system is broken, ask xueyou also same problem, speechless!Since so that their own and so on, or use this period of time to warm up four of those topics, download two software “driving test Treasure code” and “driving school point”, and “driving school point” this software than “driving test treasure code” topic is more extensive condensation, but the two software at the same time is more comprehensive.The exam questions in both apps are reviewed, and the mock exams score 96 points or more, even 100 points each time.A week or so, and finally wait until the system update can about the test, this test about a person, about two or three days of success.The next morning, in a hurry in the roadside, such as the car, such as that nasty, the town car is very difficult to open a car, just have a taxi to come, ask me where to go, I said to the city, just know this car is to the city, along the way ah.I went to the city and took my brother-in-law’s car to the examination room. This time, I finished all the questions in less than ten minutes and submitted the paper at one point. When I saw the computer, it showed 98 points.After that, I will go out of the examination room and sign my name. I will mail my driver’s license, which costs 20 yuan. I will wait for my driver’s license when EVERYTHING is ready.Section four (formula) : examination questions 50 topics and single topic selection, each subject 2 points, answer time is 45 points, relative to a section of the time is less, and is a multiple topic selection, this makes a lot of people worry that it is difficult to test.It is such indeed, unlike a single topic selection is simpler, because of this, so do not take it lightly, familiar with the topic of the fourth section.I had a pleasant journey and passed all the subjects at once. Unfortunately, I didn’t get full marks.But also pretty good, finally completed their own learning car journey, from now on their own is a driver’s license!Time flies, time does not wait for man ah!As more students become licensed, it is clear that the future will be more difficult, more stringent and more tightly controlled.However, I just caught the last bus of the driving test, and I felt that I was not so strict. I used to be in the urban (Anglo-German) examination room 3, but now the urban examination room has been abolished and merged with the (Anglo-Red) examination room.Section three examination is more difficult, the route is in accordance with the standardization of the examination, but no matter how varied, as long as hard practice, everything is not the problem, but in their own.– Lightstar — 2022/02/14 Monday