Jilin has made every effort to consolidate and expand its achievements in poverty alleviation

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Jilin epidemic prevention and control in the final decisive battle annihilation of the war, in order to support effectively cope with around COVID – 19 outbreak in strengthening development of poverty engines results, the influence of rural agricultural jilin provincial committee of the recently issued by the province to promote the formulation of article 11 of policies and measures, to resolve the risks of poverty population in a steady income to prevent hidden trouble,Resolutely defend the bottom line that does not happen to return to poverty of scale.These policies and measures are as follows: first, strengthen dynamic monitoring and support for poverty prevention and control, give full play to the role of village groups to monitor poverty prevention and control during epidemic prevention and control, and continue to carry out monitoring, early warning and screening of poverty prevention and control by using telephone, SMS, wechat and other information means flexibly, on the premise of fulfilling epidemic prevention and control requirements.If it is found that it meets the conditions for inclusion in the monitoring object, it can first be included in the monitoring and assistance, and then perform relevant procedures, and the time for publicity at the village level can be appropriately shortened to ensure that the risk of returning to poverty and becoming poor is eliminated in a timely and effective manner.2 to speed up the project into the Treasury and construction to consolidate at the county level to expand the crucial poverty results and rural revitalization project dynamic adjustment, optimize the annual project plan, to need because of the outbreak in urgent need of implementation, conform to the epidemic prevention and control and cohesion funds policy, benefit from rising out of poverty and monitoring households income project, priority registration, priority funding arrangements.During the epidemic prevention and control period, the procedures of project warehousing, public announcement and specific organization and implementation methods can be appropriately optimized;Projects that meet the conditions for commencement of construction should be promptly started;If the project cannot be started temporarily, it can carry out the preliminary preparation work such as project design and review by means of video consultation or online office work;For government procurement projects, we will further optimize the procurement process, speed up the progress of procurement, and ensure that projects start early and produce results early.Three support LianNong door industry development to bridge industrial development as the focus of the financial support, surrounding the implementation of the “one hundred billion catties of grain”, “straw meat” and ten million head of cattle for construction project and build “top ten industrial cluster”, support to drive the ability of planting, agricultural products deep processing and comprehensive utilization of by-products and fusion in the agricultural industry as the main body of the 123 industry development.We will improve the incentive and subsidy policies for households that have been lifted out of poverty and monitored to engage in “courtyard economy” and “characteristic cultivation and breeding” industries, and guide them to expand the scale of cultivation and breeding, apply superior varieties and methods, adjust and optimize the production structure, and increase their operating income.New business entities, such as agricultural enterprises, farmers’ cooperatives and family farms, which overcome the impact of the epidemic and promote the development of poverty-stricken households and monitored households through contract implementation, can use provincial linkage funds to provide one-time production subsidies of no more than 800 yuan, with a total amount of up to 100,000 yuan, for each person they drive.Iv. Maintain the continuous and stable implementation of micro-credit policy online, simplify procedures, continue to implement the discount interest policy for the poverty-alleviation households and monitoring objects who fail to repay the loan on time during the epidemic prevention and control period, and allow appropriate extension of loan repayment period (no more than 6 months).Local governments are encouraged to explore a cooperation model of “county-level coordination, farmers’ shareholding, companies’ support and credit guarantee”, and actively grant credit ratings to poverty-stricken households and monitoring targets who are willing to raise cattle, so as to open a green channel of credit.All insurance institutions have opened a green channel for consultation and claim settlement through telephone and Internet, and made sure that all claims should be made as soon as possible in accordance with the stipulations of the insurance contract for developing industries out of poverty.V. Expand the scope of photovoltaic income support for poverty alleviation On the basis of covering poverty-stricken households, further expand the coverage of monitoring objects such as marginalized households prone to poverty and households suffering from sudden severe poverty, and encourage monitoring objects to increase their income by participating in public welfare posts and small public welfare undertakings.During the epidemic prevention and control, support power gains more county (city, area) continue to support public welfare jobs out of poverty population, small public welfare undertakings, and rewards benefits at the same time, the use of photovoltaic (pv) income subsidy affected by the epidemic project plan balance part of income and actual income, ensure the poverty population and monitoring object services and dividend income to decrease.Six implement the rural traffic subsidies for more than six months labor contract or employment agreement and provide the wages of inter-provincial water poverty labor employment (including monitoring objects), can be used to connect and grant one-time from registered capital to the workers’ round-trip fare (hard seat and hard sleeper train, the high-speed train coach, economy class plane, bus, etc.) according to solid support,A maximum of 1600 yuan;Those who organize to send laborers out of poverty (including monitored subjects) shall be subsidized in full according to the actual cost of rental transportation.Human resource service agencies and labor brokers that offer organized labor export from poverty alleviation will be subsidized for employment and entrepreneurship services in accordance with regulations.Seven to encourage enterprises to absorb employment for all kinds of unit of choose and employ persons in the province of absorbing poverty labor after January 1, 2020 jobs or monitoring objects, year accumulative total working hours and wages not less than 3 months is not lower than the local minimum wage standard, each take 1 600 yuan one-time employment subsidies, every enterprise is highest do not exceed 50000 yuan.The same population lifted out of poverty or subject to monitoring shall not be eligible for one-off employment subsidy policies.Support and Guide local Employment Information should be widely collected and released on local labor demand, coordination and coordination should be made between local workers stranded out of poverty and enterprises in urgent need of employment, and prompt employment of local workers should be guided.We will make innovative use of workshop, home-based, ground-based and integrated development models, implement the one-off award and subsidy policy for help workshops as required, and build at least one help workshop in each county (city or district).We will strengthen employment skills and practical skills training for people out of poverty, and provide vocational training subsidies to enterprises that organize online and offline training for people out of poverty or pre-job training for newly recruited workers.We will improve platforms for migrant workers returning to their hometowns to find jobs and start businesses. We will support migrant workers returning from poverty to find jobs by themselves through flexible forms such as temporary, part-time, seasonal and flexible work, and guide people out of poverty to start businesses and increase their incomes through online stores, live streaming of goods, video farming, farming experience, and logistics.We will give full play to the role of work-relief as a guarantee for those in need, and encourage people who have returned and stayed in rural areas to increase their incomes by participating in projects such as irrigation and water conservancy, village roads, rural greening, sewage treatment, and household garbage treatment.Support the development of public welfare jobs nine temporary support to the county as the unit in epidemic prevention and control during the development of temporary public duty, priority arrangement temporarily can’t back out of poverty population and employment monitoring object, giving special duty personnel temporary resettlement shall not exceed three months, monthly subsidy of 1000 yuan per person, is listed in the required cohesion funds from the provincial capital.In light of the needs of epidemic prevention and control, new temporary public welfare posts, such as cleaning, sanitation, epidemic prevention and elimination, inspection and on duty, and employment of poverty-stricken workers (including those subject to monitoring) may be provided with provincial-level linking funds to appropriately increase subsidies.Cities and counties, where conditions permit, may separately itemize the funds needed by the employing units for the purchase of accident insurance for the poverty-stricken people and the monitored people in their respective fiscal departments.Ten to promote enterprises to participate in consumer support to poverty area agricultural production and marketing docking, make full use of the “Internet +” broaden the sales channels, actively develop consumer support action, more serious affected by the epidemic areas agricultural products in the production, processing, storage and transportation, sales support, solve the problem of agricultural products “hard sell”.For enterprises that actively promote unsalable help products into the market, supermarket, school and community through fixed-point procurement and e-commerce sales, they can use connection funds to give one-time rewards and subsidies of no more than 10% and up to 50,000 yuan to purchase unsalable help products.During the epidemic prevention and control period, China has strengthened follow-up and guidance on home study for students from poverty-stricken families, and ensured that all school-age children with the ability to learn receive compulsory education.We will improve the insurance ledger for low-income people in rural areas, conduct dynamic verification and comparison of information, and ensure that rural people with extreme poverty, recipients of subsistence allowances, and people who have returned to poverty and become poor are dynamically covered by basic medical insurance.Establish a major workplace illness medical insurance and assistance system, high medical costs will occur easily Chinese poverty population and family caused by high medical expense basic life appear serious difficulties patients included in the scope of medical treatment of a serious illness, to conform to the provisions of the personal out-of-pocket expenses in annual aid relief in accordance with the provisions, within the quota proportion.We will carry out thorough investigations and rectification of potential safety hazards in rural housing, fully respect the wishes of rural households, and include all newly dilapidated houses that meet national policies in the renovation plan.We will implement the rural water supply guarantee project, improve the long-term management and protection mechanism, establish a monitoring mechanism of “water users + management and protection units + supervision departments”, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of large-scale, systematic and bottom-line drinking water safety problems.Original title: Jilin To Consolidate and Expand Poverty Alleviation Achievements