How to judge whether to get prostatitis

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Hello everyone, I am Doctor Chen Mei, today to share with you the content is: how to judge whether you have prostatitis?When men are under too much pressure at work, or have too much sex, it can lead to physical discomfort.At this time, it is possible to suffer from prostatitis.Since this is the case, the man at ordinary times, should how to judge whether to get this disease?What symptom does prostatitis have again?You can see if you have the following performance to judge.When you urinate, if you have any of the following conditions, such as increased use of the toilet, or if you urinate in a hurry or if you urinate badly, or if you urinate in pain, it could be inflammation of the prostate.The waist will feel sore, or the lower abdomen will have the feeling of falling, or the perineum will feel abnormal pain, and even accompanied by genital pain, then this time, may be the inflammation of the prostate.These are some of the features that are unique to prostatitis.If you have fatigue or insomnia, or headaches, weakness, memory loss, that’s a sign of prostatitis.If you get up in the morning to go to the toilet, or when defecate, the urethra will have the following material outflow, that is also the characteristic of prostatitis.For example, a milky, watery discharge is characteristic of inflammation in the prostate.Appear impotence phenomenon, or it is premature ejaculation phenomenon, or when it is the case of sexual desire decline, so this time, you can judge the problem of your prostate, it is the feature of prostatitis likely.In short, the common symptoms of prostatitis are mainly manifested in three aspects: 1, urination discomfort.Appear frequent urination, urgent urination, urination pain, dripping or white urine and other symptoms;2, radioactive pain.Radiating pain to perineum, anus, abdomen and pubic symphysis;3, sexual dysfunction: impotence, premature ejaculation, etc.