Equipped with particle traps, the front main passenger seats are provided with 12-way electric adjustment?

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To say the domestic automobile field leader, tanyue and RAV4 is definitely on, and with the domestic automobile market competition is becoming more and more fierce, many car companies have started a new vehicle strategy, such as today to say this model tanyue is RAV4 as excellent, tanyue guide price 204,900, look at it is not worth choosing?The overall visual effect to improve significantly as a way worldview L sister models, explore the use of yue in appearance of the latest family design concept, overall visual effect improve obviously, before the face of cellular chain China open and headlight integration design, have qualitative feeling more visual, intake grille with chrome plated article decoration, reveals modern fashion style, before the face of fog lamps design also has distinguishing feature very much,The fog lamp adopts polygonal design, with a bright LED strip across the middle, which brings a sense of movement to the tough body and supports adaptive near and far light.Tanyue side line design is relatively three-dimensional, the size of the body is 4589/1860/1660mm/ wheelbase 2731mm, this size in the same class advantage is not small, the model is equipped with 18 inches of aluminum alloy wheel ring, multi-spoke design has too big new idea.The rear of the car is relatively full in vision, the taillight shape is more sharp, the overall tail design is full of layers and three-dimensional sense, high recognition, to create a penetrating effect.Material selection is very careful interior design has been a major advantage of the public, Tanyue’s interior highlights the sense of fashion, in the selection of materials are very careful, dark leather and details with chrome trim decoration, the overall interior looks more high-end atmosphere;The large central control screen is slightly tilted to the driving position, which is more convenient for driving operation. The 9.2-inch touch color screen integrates 3D navigation, reversing image, MP3/ AUX-in /SD/USB, DVD, WLAN, Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone, supports SMS, address book browsing and voice recognition and many other practical functions.The central console is mainly made of soft materials. The middle part of the console is covered with leather, with stitches and silver ribbons for decoration, which is in line with this level.The steering wheel is wrapped in leather material with excellent feel. This design is more fashionable. The layout of multi-functional keys is rich and more controllable functions are available.The central control screen adopts suspension design, convenient operation, rich built-in functions, supporting the Internet of vehicles.Security configuration is sufficient for yue security configuration is more sufficient, all is the standard 7 airbags, digital tire pressure monitoring system TPMS, EPS power steering, MKB multi-channel collision avoidance system with speed, ACC3.0 third generation advanced adaptive cruise system, lane keeping system, automatic parking system, such as configuration, make the car driving up more smoothly;In addition to 360-degree panoramic image, side warning of the reversing car and adaptive cruise at full speed, parking radar is the basic configuration of driving assistance.The seat material of the front main passenger seat is leather + fabric mixed package, which can keep the sense of sport while allowing users to enjoy high-end experience.Is both inside and outside and repair, everywhere reflect the perfect combination of sports and pioneer temperament, yue in front of the main passenger seats, 12 to provide electric adjustment (on the basis of 8 to adjust is equipped with electric 4 to massage waist, circular massage cushion and backrest center area, which can effectively relieve fatigue), to provide drivers and front-seat passengers comfortable riding experience.More flexible space exploration mountain wheelbase reached 2731mm level, the body is larger, the data has certain advantages, longer wheelbase can bring more spacious car space for consumers, and exploration mountain on this basis, the more creative use of gold structure standard space design, so that the car space is further improved, more flexible,For example, the rear seat can be moved back and forth by 18cm, the Angle of the back can be adjusted, and so on.Much place details of human nature store content space is very convenient when storing a few small things, very close, and the ride comfort among back row is not calculated very good, the uplift of the floor is not calculated high.The trunk, of course, is also not small, with a conventional capacity of 506L. After the back seat is put down, it can also be expanded to 1590L. It is also easy to deal with large objects.Tanyue provides a 1.4T/ 2.0t turbocharger engine with a maximum power of 110KW and a maximum torque of 250N·m.The 2.0t engine has a maximum power of 162KW and a maximum torque of 350N·m. The whole system is matched with a seven-speed wet dual clutch accelerator. It is equipped with a multi-link independent suspension before And after McJefferson, and a high-configuration version has an intelligent four-wheel drive system.And Tanyue also installed a particle catcher in the engine, making a contribution to environmental protection, so how does the particle catcher work:PM particles by intercepting, collision, diffusion, gravity sedimentation was set on the carrier of the wall and wall, so as to realize the particle emissions into the atmosphere before the capture, when particles accumulated to a certain extent, can automatic burner ignition burning, adsorption in the above will burn charcoal smoke particles, into carbon dioxide discharge,Power is obviously the highlight of mountain exploration can not be ignored.