Complementary advantages mutually beneficial and win-win yuchai and Guangxi home agricultural reclamation strategic cooperation

2022-09-07 0 By

February 16, Yuchai Group and Guangxi Agricultural Reclamation Group held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony.Yuchai Group Party secretary, chairman Li Hanyang, Guangxi Agricultural Group Party secretary, chairman Gan Chenghui witnessed the signing.During the visit, the two sides had practical and in-depth exchanges on strengthening cooperation and exchanged views on cooperation in power generation equipment, agricultural machinery, food distribution and trade.Li Hanyang highly appreciates the achievements of guangxi agricultural reclamation reform and development.Yuchai is a mature supplier of power equipment to the domestic animal husbandry industry and to agricultural machinery manufacturers, he said.Yuchai also has a good development foundation in logistics and supply chain services, new energy and related service industries.Yuchai and Nongken are very similar in fighting spirit and red gene inheritance and other corporate culture, and the development goals of the “14th Five-year plan” of the enterprise are also highly consistent.The strengths of the two sides are highly complementary, and the two sides hope to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results through practical cooperation.Gancheng association said that today, the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Yuchai marks the cooperation between the two sides has risen to a new level.We hope that the two sides will take the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement as a new starting point, work together to implement cooperation items as soon as possible, deliver fruitful results as soon as possible, make our cause stronger and bigger, and open up a new chapter of win-win cooperation.