Bijiang: A new scene of livable countryside

2022-09-07 0 By

Longjiang New village, Yangtou Town, Bijiang District, is a new village built by immigrants to develop rural tourism.This group has 44 characteristic residential buildings, with ecological parking lots, ethnic cultural memorial arch, tourist toilets, clinics, docks and other infrastructure, creating a beautiful rural pattern of “river in the city, city in the water, houses in the forest, people in the green”.By excavating and carrying forward the “dragon” culture, Yangtou Town in Bijiang District has created a new name card of folk culture tourism of Jiulong Village, revitalized idle resources, connected tourist attractions and integrated tourism resources, and promoted the high-quality development of rural revitalization tourism industry, which is just an epitome of Bijiang.In recent years, green river area around “prosperous industry, ecological livable, local custom civilization, effective governance, rich life” general requirements, adjust measures to local conditions to promote idle inefficient resource assets managed to revitalize rural reform work, activate the rural spare inefficient economic benefits, resource assets growing rural collective economy, improve the masses, such as operating income from property,We will vigorously promote comprehensive rural revitalization.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Liu Yuyu editor Chen Gang editor Zhu Xie