2-5!With Harland out, Dortmund were beaten badly, nine points behind Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga title lost

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Beijing time on February 6 evening, the Bundesliga round 21 ushered in a big battle: Borussia Dortmund VS Bayer Leverkusen.In the first half, Akanji, Flimpon own goal, Virts, Andrishi goals;In the second half, Jonatan – ta, Diaby scored, Teegs scored.Bayer Leverkusen won 5-2.Bayern beat Leipzig 3-2 in the match that had already been played.This, let dort must win this game, otherwise for the Bundesliga championship, will become a hope.The first 9 minutes of the game, multi hit, Akanji own goal.In the 15th minute, Frimpong came to dott’s aid and also scored an own goal.In the 19th minute, Wertz gave Leverkusen the lead again.The 27th minute, Andrishi free kick directly into the net.The 52 th minute, Jonatan – tower tonic shot.Diaby scored in the 87th minute.In the 90th minute, Teegs pulled back a goal.Dort lost 5-2 at home to Bayer Leverkusen.So, the bundesliga standings: Bayern 52, Dortmund 43, Bayer Leverkusen 38.Dortmund, already nine points behind Bayern.With the bundesliga over the years, do you think the title is still in doubt?Bayern are sure to win easily.This service, Harland continues to be absent because of injury.Without him, Dott’s performance in the offensive end is understandably affected.But what about defensively?Why are bayer Leverkusen all of a sudden beating them?What can a Dot like this do?What would dott be if every time he developed a star he sold it?Ajax operates in the same way.But in the Bundesliga, at least we can win the title.Dortmund in the Bundesliga?If we continue like this, we will never be able to compete with Bayern.Borussia Dortmund starters: 1-Kerber, 24 Meunier, 5 Zagadu, 16 Akanji, 13 Guerrero, 8 Dahoud, 22 Bellingham, 10 Hazard Jr., 19 Brandt, 11 Reus, 21 Mullen Leverkusen:21 Greer, 30 Frimpong, 4 Ronatan Ta, 33 Sinkapieh, 5 Buck, 8 Andrich, 38 Bellaraby, 27 Virts, 10 Demirbay, 19 Moussa Diaby, 14 Sigg