Wolong District, Nanyang City: Regional nucleic acid detection has temperature and speed

2022-09-06 0 By

“Don’t gather in groups!Wear a good mask, keep a meter distance!”On the morning of March 31, workers and party members volunteer patiently remind the masses to maintain order and guide villagers to complete nucleic acid scanning code in Lizhuang village, Liaohepo Town, Wolong District, Nanyang City.Medical staff wearing protective clothing performed throat swab sampling in strict accordance with relevant regulations.After completion of sampling, the masses leave in an orderly manner, strictly ensuring one-way flow and complete closed-loop without crossing.To further prevent and control the epidemic, Wolong District of Nanyang City responded promptly on March 30 by arranging for nucleic acid testing in all townships and scenic spots in a safe, orderly and efficient manner, and effectively protecting people’s lives and health.It is understood that the region’s nucleic acid involved all towns, scenic spots, testing time is tight, the task is heavy.After receiving the order, the medical staff quickly arrived, the towns and scenic spots immediately organized the staff to arrange the test site, transport test materials.In order to ensure the successful completion of nucleic acid collection and detection tasks, towns and scenic spots have notified every villager through loudspeaker broadcasts, wechat groups and door-to-door visits.Human and material resources have been pooled to set up nucleic acid testing sites to facilitate nearby detection and avoid gatherings of villagers.For the elderly, pregnant women, young children, people with disabilities and other groups with special difficulties, the staff will conduct nucleic acid testing and sampling at their homes to provide humanized and warm services.To ensure that all nucleic acid leakage “not one household, not one person”.The staff’s due diligence, the understanding and cooperation of the public, and the professional rigor of the medical staff have made the whole nucleic acid collection process orderly and built an iron wall for wolong’s epidemic prevention and control.As of 12 o ‘clock on March 31, nucleic acid has been collected from 396,497 people in 12 towns and scenic spots in the region, and nucleic acid testing is being carried out in an orderly manner.(Zhao Xianzhi, Cao Fei, Li Haoyang)