Wanxiang Qian Chao: Plan to invest 4 billion yuan to participate in Wanxiang One Two Three Company

2022-09-06 0 By

E company news, Wanxiang Qian Chao (000559) March 28 evening announcement, the company intends to invest in the core of energy technology and the core components of new energy vehicles – battery enterprises.The controlling shareholder Wanxiang Group agrees to transfer 320 million shares of Wanxiang 1223 Joint Stock Company (wanxiang 1223) held by it to the company at the price of 1 yuan, and the company will fulfill the paid-in contribution obligation of 4 billion yuan at the price of 12.5 yuan per share.The total investment price is 4 billion yuan.After the completion of the investment, the company holds 10.91% of the equity of Wanxiang 123.