Vivo S12 series chubby tiger custom gift box picture

2022-09-06 0 By

Vivo will work with Panghu IP, though it’s only for New Year gift boxes.After this operation, let me to vivo cognition new add a lovely love image: the classic fat tiger Shouting mother picture with vivo S12 series that unique warm gold color, really a little happy feeling.This image also coincided with vivo speed 12 series of young users like fun, lovely, beautiful elements match, of course, like elements, there are many young users, specific to the product, and high performance, good pictures, high level of appearance, long life and so on elements, but just right, these are the vivo speed 12 series.To know, S12 series after Vivo’s repositioning and design, the continuation of fashion texture tonality, to further create “performance” label, to “pioneer image flagship” series of new image appeared in Vivo’s product line, to young users brought excellent games, shooting, daily application experience.By analyzing the product details one by one, Vivo S12 series is equipped with a Mediatek Breguet flagship core, which not only has sufficient performance, but also has lower power consumption and heat production. Moreover, 5G signal strength and stability also make people feel safe on the road.Vivo S12 series has passed the King of Glory KPL test certification, which evaluates the phone’s battery consumption, average network latency, frame rate stability, heat condition, average FPS and temperature increase.Passing the test also means that the S12 series performs well in performance, signal, heat, battery life and handling, which are important items for young users.Good performance, good experience, good design, as always, is also online.S12 series in the “thin and thin” on the two words but under the premise of ensuring performance, endurance and heat dissipation, whether thickness or weight, in the same price of mobile phones are very competitive.In 5G phones are generally thick now, Vivo can make the S12 body thickness is less than 7.5mm, weight is less than 180g, very strong ~ in order to ensure the thin and good feel at the same time, Vivo S12 series appearance level is also very good to play, first of the color change process upgrade to photochromic 2.0, through better color change materials,The discoloration threshold range becomes wider and the discoloration speed is also significantly accelerated.The glass on the back is also processed by new fluorite AG technology, which can reflect dazzling light under ordinary light, and the color and texture are more dazzling and layered.Feel graceful, appearance level more absolutely, really love.After finishing the performance and appearance level, the S12 series of images, after all, Vivo in this aspect of the cultivation and effect is obvious to all, especially the front portrait and shooting optimization, has been praised by a lot of people.This time Vivo S12 series provides a maximum of 100 million +50 million forward photography combination, and “million retouching” level professional image optimization algorithm.According to Vivo, the image system integrates photographer, lighting technician and retoucher to create a closed-loop image optimization function for all scenes.Among them, I think the most powerful or for portrait photography “micron level skin rejuvenation plastic technology”, which is through AI algorithm these years of portrait learning accumulation of huge portrait optimization data, the realization of smart skin and stereo skin color two major beauty function, make people decent zhang straight can be beautiful, and very natural.To know, Vivo for S12 series to join the shooting optimization algorithm more than “portrait” a theme, we can contact the shooting scene has the corresponding optimization algorithm, such as the shooting scenery “HD”, “HDR”, “blue sky” and so on, to achieve the vivo S12 series mobile phone to become the “pocket photography team” goal.To put it simply, users only need to press the shutter to take a picture and leave the rest to the phone, making it easier for users to take good photos.The end of the year is approaching, young people who like to record their lives with mobile phones will also welcome their long-awaited holidays. Vivo S12 series of excellent video capabilities make it more convenient to take photos and record their lives.So, if you are planning to change your phone in the New Year, you might as well consider S12 series oh ~ Near the Spring Festival, Vivo Chinese New Year festival is hot underway, during the event to buy Vivo S12 series can enjoy multiple benefits: limited time special price 2549 yuan, plus enjoy up to 24 periods of interest-free.Want this set of “fu Hu sheng V gift box” friends, quickly get oh!