The no.2 documents issued by the two countries have injected strong impetus into the development of Guizhou

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◆2012 “National Development No. 2 Document”, promoting the rapid development of Digital economy in Guizhou!In 2014, guizhou Provincial Party Committee and government raised the development of big data as a strategic action of the whole province.Guizhou province deeply promotes the strategic action of big data, with the construction of national comprehensive big data pilot area as the main starting point and the development of digital economy as the main direction, breaking a new road for the rapid development of big data in later-developed areas and injecting strong force to promote the high-quality development of the province’s economy and society.As the first big data comprehensive pilot zone in China, Guizhou’s big data industry shows a good trend of rapid development, deepening of integrated application, continuous improvement of digital governance, accelerated release of digital dividends, and continuous consolidation of basic security.Digital economic growth in Guizhou has ranked first in China for six consecutive years, digital governance continues to take the lead in China, and 100% of provincial and county government services can be handled online.The total revenue of software and information technology services quadrupled from 2015, and China’s ranking rose from 26th to 19th.Data Expo is China’s first national big data Industry expo, which has been held for five years.The picture shows the opening ceremony of China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019.The “integration of ten thousand enterprises” campaign has been deeply implemented, and a total of 401 benchmark projects and 4,234 demonstration projects have been formed in Guizhou, leading 8,485 enterprises to carry out integration, and promoting 23,128 enterprises to enter the cloud market.Visitors at several fairs watch an intelligent robot that can water flowers, deliver drinks and kick a ball.Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Deng Gang photo province put into operation or under construction of 25 large data centers.Eight data centers in the province have been listed in the national Green data center list, and the number of approved data centers ranks first in China.Become one of the 8 national computing power network core hub nodes.The provincial Internet outbound bandwidth reached 28,000 Gbps, nine times that of 2015.The level of information infrastructure has increased from 29th to 15th in China, entering the second phalanx.It has explored the establishment of regulations, standards and innovation systems, and has taken the lead in promulgation of China’s first local regulations on big data, the first regulations on big data security and government data sharing and opening, and the number of legislation in the field of big data ranks first in China.The Beijing guiyang Big Data Application And Exhibition Center in Guiyang High-tech Zone spreads the prospect of Guiyang’s big data industry in front of citizens through sound and photoelectric technology.◆2022 “National Development No. 2 Document”, for the digital economy of Guizhou continue to add strength!Under the State Council issued the about support in a new era in guizhou through new road on the development of the western region “, guizhou around building “digital innovation of economic development zone” strategic positioning, to further implement the strategy of digital economy, strengthen the innovation of science and technology support, activate the potential of data elements, promote the development of digital economy and real economy integration, to explore the experience for industrial transformation and upgrading and digital China construction.Huawei Data Center in Guian New Area.Opinions, compiled by Shi Zhaochang, clearly calls for accelerating the building of a modern industrial system led by the digital economy.We will focus on strengthening the digital industry chain, promote the development of the National Big data comprehensive pilot Zone and guiyang Big data Science and Innovation City, and foster and strengthen emerging digital industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and cloud computing.We will accelerate the “East and West Computing” project, build primary data centers and backup data centers, build national hubs of the national integrated computing power network, and build a nationwide computing power support base.Support the construction of Guiyang Big Data Exchange to promote the circulation of data elements.We will build a national big data security shooting range, and launch trials to manage the security of cross-border data transmission.We will promote the development of national and industry-level industrial Internet platforms in mining, light industry, new materials, aerospace and other industries to promote the digital transformation of industries.We will make appropriate and advanced arrangements for new infrastructure, and promote intelligent upgrading of transportation, energy and other infrastructure.At the same time, promote the traditional industry all-round, the whole chain digital transformation;Speed up the digital transformation and development of excellent cultural and tourism resources.Guizhou Yunshang Kunpeng Technology Co., LTD workers assemble servers.Citizens experience intelligent telemedicine.Original title: Seize new Opportunities, Guizhou starts again | Big Data · No.2 Document issued by the Two States Injected strong impetus into The Development of Guizhou