Shandong eldest brother makes delicious food, weaves the bag to pack the seasoning, the oil barrel to pack the old soup, 1 box 300 to grab

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Actually want to ask where the braised food taste better, really didn’t have an exact answer, because both the south and the north has done better braised food store, their sales are not low, but if the braised food in a place to sell, that business is good or not is unclear, although today I also to share a braised food store, but made a pattern to his family’s braised food.The restaurant makes pan Rou, a traditional Dish from Shandong province. It has the same recipe as the traditional lu rou, but after it is cooked, the lu is sold to the customer, but the pan rou has to be processed again.The boss said that the pot of meat in their home is mainly sold to other places or express delivery, a day can do a ton of goods, because the amount is relatively large, so are done in the small courtyard of the countryside.And in this small courtyard hidden inside a large pot, known as “the first pot in the North of the River”, this pot is also the boss to do the stewed son, he can cook 1000 kilograms at a time, see this amount can think of how big the pot.The staff said that they would cook two POTS a day when business was not busy, but if they cooked three to five POTS a day on holidays, the amount was really a bit scary.The boss said that pot meat has more than 100 years of history in the local, cooking is also more than a step, it needs to clean the pig’s head into the pot for a period of time, and then remove the bones, bones and then put into the pot stew for an hour before the pot can do pot meat.Because the pot is larger, so a secondary put six material package, to make some pork flavor, but the charging bag bag has caused great controversy, the boss directly with the sort of plastic woven bag, such behavior is a little bad, but because it is in the kitchen, the customer did not see, so no one will be the boss pointed out inappropriate behavior.Getting back to the point, it is relatively simple to do this pot of meat, the most important is the process of the whole marinating system, and the material package.When the pig’s head is cooked, it needs to be put into a box. As for what you need to put inside, you need to match it by yourself, as long as it is enough for 6 kinds.The boss said that he this box weighs 6 jin, of which 4 jin is meat, the remaining 2 jin is old soup.The price of the box varies according to the ingredients inside, with the most expensive one costing 300 yuan.It’s also one of the best-selling.However, the boss of the old soup in this bucket is also a little uncomfortable to look at, he is using a barrel of oil to install the old soup, although it will be very clean before loading, but let others see a little embarrassed.And do this dish of meat to delicious there is a trick, is to put the meat after good, and then to the old soup before putting some chicken essence, so made later taste will be relatively fresh.Some locals eat it as a cold dish, while others eat it with pancakes and shaoxing cakes. The owner says the dish tastes good no matter how you eat it.