“March 15” to maintain the image of soldiers, fujian military district police picket team in action

2022-09-06 0 By

Today is “3 · 15” the international consumer rights day in the camp has a group of people with their head helmet law enforcement strictly maintain the holy image of the military uniform today, let us follow the lens to take a look at remedy for the site recently, military police involved in ningde, nanping, fujian sanming industrial area such as check picket, focus on rectifying rule out military vehicles illegal indiscipline.The operation is a concrete step to strengthen control and maintain the army’s image.Police ourselves strictly implement full-time attendance, global coverage requirements, take the spot checks and inspections, random sampling way, key ZhaJiu “vehicle dispatching, the vehicles, plate vouchers, illegal drinking, discipline, and leave out” six types of problems, such as scrutiny according to law, will check picket to all position, and radiation to cover all links.It is reported that the operation met with a total of 29 soldiers, military vehicles (Taiwan) times, investigated and punished violations of discipline 11 soldiers, military vehicles 9 times, effectively hit out of the military vehicle violations of discipline behavior.To maintain the good image of the army, vigorously rectify the violations of law and discipline of military personnel and vehicles to provide strong support for the 20th Victory of the Party. “Guard military attire” fujian Military Region is in action