Long Feifeng went to Daoxian county to supervise the prevention and control of COVID-19

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Massachusetts moment news on April 2 – (correspondent OuYangHengMing) on March 31, which dragon FeiFeng, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee and vice chairman of the CPPCC Wei Qiuyun together to thevillage steering COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work, the municipal agriculture and rural committee members Tang Xiufeng, director of agriculture and rural committee yong-ming he accompanied the supervision, etc.Dragon FeiFeng line has field supervisor check the congratulations high-speed outbreak of dao county export service point health inspection work situation, the county industrial park focus point to set up and run situation, the west state street ohtsubo community community prevention and control measures to implement and control practice situation, the county people’s hospital emergency disposal ability and the fever outpatient service, the in-patient department of infectious diseases and epidemic prevention work, backgammon supermarket normalizedHe also presided over a feedback meeting on COVID-19 prevention and control supervision.At the situation feedback meeting, the municipal disease control professionals report the relevant situation of the supervision and inspection.Long feifeng spoke positively of the epidemic prevention and control work in Daoxian county, saying that the prevention and control work in Daoxian county is characterized by the attention paid by the leaders, meticulous measures and good results, especially in the centralized isolation points.At the same time, problems in epidemic prevention and control work, such as insufficient understanding, insufficient staff strength, and immature training and drills, were pointed out, and corrective measures were proposed for these problems, and requirements for the next step were clarified.Long pointed out that the political position should be raised, the awareness of the overall situation should be firmly established, the war-weariness should be eliminated, the nerves of epidemic prevention and control should be tightened, the high pressure posture should be maintained, and the responsibilities should be firmly carried out.We need to have a clear understanding of the situation, weave a tight protective net for epidemic prevention and control, prevent imported cases and spread of the disease at home, strengthen exercises, identify problems in our work and close loopholes.We should draw lessons from one example, focus on the investigation and rectification of problems, and continue to carry out rectification according to the development of the situation and the specific changes in the local situation, so as to achieve real results in epidemic prevention and control.