It is rare in the past for India to bet 50 percent on China and For Biden to be powerless and not flip

2022-09-06 0 By

The relationship between China and India over the Pangong Lake border issue has been increasingly tense, especially with the instigation and support of the United States. Even though the two sides have held several rounds of talks so far, no substantive results have been reached.Not long ago, The Indian side also hyped that China was preparing for an “invasion” of Indian territory, which was seen by the outside world as a further deterioration of the sino-Indian border military. In addition, the implementation of China’s land border Law has made the outside world very nervous, fearing that the next second there will be a conflict between the two countries.I thought the relationship between China and India would get worse if things went like this, but it seems to have taken a turn recently.According to the information, China and India held the latest military ministerial-level meeting, during which the two sides consolidated the consensus already reached and had effective communication on the pending issues. They even actively agreed to hold the next military ministerial-level meeting as soon as possible.It is odd how quickly attitudes between China and India have changed, from the brink of conflict to suddenly being able to sit down and talk.Many say that this is because the current domestic crisis in India, including economic setbacks and the coronavirus pandemic, has increasingly left the Modi go nment with little spare energy to take on China.In the face of this situation, the US, though a global power, cannot help India because it has its hands full with the pandemic crisis at home.To say the least, even helping won’t be the best effort.So Modi has no choice but to seek China’s help in order to restore normal production and life in India as soon as possible.Given the current tensions between India and China, the first step is to defuse the border situation.Against this background, although the latest military director-level talks did not produce any outstanding results, the results were much more positive than the previous ones, which also raised our expectations for the detente between China and India.Of course, higher expectations are not the only thing. A joint communique issued after a trilateral meeting between China, Russia and India drew widespread attention, a rare occurrence at a sensitive time.India’s apparent desire to smooth relations with China is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi remained silent when the United States recently called for a “boycott” of the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the past, India would not have been the first to support it, nor would it have been silent.A series of actions by India are enough to prove that Modi has understood the importance of China, whether for domestic economy and crisis like epidemic or other reasons, at least India is no longer betting 100% on the US.For now, at least, India has taken a 50% bet on China from the US.Although the Harmony of China-India relations is not what the United States wants to see, India has gradually begun to realize that if it blindly follows the United States to engage in affairs and completely offend China, it will surely make India pay a greater price and make the domestic crisis situation further worsen.By contrast, perhaps reaching out to China will offend the US and displease the Biden administration, but Modi will have to do it.Moreover, Modi is not unaware of his importance to the United States. India is the “key pawn” of the United States’ anti-China strategy alone. As long as India remains valuable, the United States will not turn against India.This is obviously unusual in the past, but in that sense the situation has changed, and There is nothing Biden can do about India except allow it to cosy up to China.Invisibly, China doesn’t even get a chance to play, which, as we say in China, is a lot less fun, but also a lot more fun to watch for no reason at all.(DORA)