Changning Shuikoushan Economic Development Zone is on the list of “five good” parks in Hunan province

2022-09-06 0 By

Hengyang Daily news (all media reporter to yinyin) Hunan “five good” park list recently released, 36 parks to be notified in recognition, and will give strong support in construction land, financial support, investment promotion and other aspects.Among them, Changning Shuikoushan Economic Development Zone is among them.The park is the main battlefield of economic construction.Since the beginning of the “14th Five-year Plan”, our province has been guided by the establishment of “five good” parks and vigorously promoted the high-quality development of the parks.At present, there are 143 industrial parks at or above the provincial level, including 23 national parks (8 high-tech zones, 10 economic development zones and 5 comprehensive protection zones).It is reported that the construction of the “five good” park includes good planning positioning, good innovation platform, good industrial projects, good system and mechanism, good development image and other content, the evaluation standard is based on the “Hunan Provincial and above industrial park evaluation Method”, highlighting the “five good” characteristics and development quality and efficiency, with “per mu yield theory hero”.According to the “five good” park establishment and per-mu benefit guidance, the provincial industrial park construction leading group office organized a comprehensive evaluation of the provincial and above industrial parks in 2020 and 2021.36 parks, including the top 5 national parks, provincial parks, the top 3 provincial parks in the four regional blocks, and the top 10 parks in business environment evaluation, will be notified and commended by the sum of their scores in two years.The list of “five Good” parks is released every year to promote the creation of a new atmosphere of “five good” parks with “evaluation” as the general guide.Changning Shuikoushan Economic Development Zone, which is listed in our city this time, will have a total income of 33.054 billion yuan of technology, industry and trade in 2020, an increase of nearly three times compared with the end of the “twelfth Five-Year plan”.In 2021, the park will adhere to the quality and benefit guidance of “focusing on yield per mu”, guide the industrial transformation and upgrading around “specialization and innovation”, and promote the industrial chain to climb to the higher end of the value chain.From January to November, the total income of technology, industry and trade in the park reached 39.194 billion yuan, up 32.33% year on year;Revenue reached 870 million yuan, up 26.9% year on year.