Biyang County Public Security Bureau carried out “The first lesson of school” traffic safety publicity and education activities

2022-09-06 0 By

Zhumadian network – (correspondent Duan Kunjie) in order to do a good job of traffic safety education of primary and middle school students, further enhance the traffic safety of primary and middle school students’ consciousness and the ego to protect consciousness, effectively prevent on traffic accident happened in the school, recently, as the county middle and primary schools, kindergartens have opened, biyang county public security bureau traffic police brigade walked into the campus to carry out “the first class” of school activities,”Traffic safety knowledge” will be given to every student in the school as a school opening gift package.On February 17th, biyang county public security bureau traffic police brigade group respectively into the book of pangu central school, sheep Ann, huangshan Zhao Zhuang schools, etc., to carry out the “traffic safety in the New Year the first class” publicity and education activities, activities, police around “known risk hedge”, according to the characteristics of the campus road traffic and actual elementary school students travel around, by issuing the traffic safety propaganda,Combined with typical traffic accident cases, explain to students in easy to understand language the matters needing attention in daily walking, riding and cycling, etc.Education students when walking on the road right away, across the road to obey the traffic signals, ride in the back seat and fasten your seat belt, don’t play to play on the road, do not climb up vehicles, don’t take no qualification, don’t take one car, such as safety knowledge, guide students to consciously abide by traffic regulations, to enhance safety consciousness and the ego to protect consciousness.The police also carried out interaction with the students on the spot, answered all kinds of traffic safety problems put forward by the students, and repeatedly reminded everyone to strengthen self-protection awareness, abandon bad traffic habits, develop good travel habits, and strive to be the practitioner, guardian and propagandize of civilized traffic.Through carrying out the traffic safety into the campus activities, to further enhance the students’ awareness of traffic safety and self-protection ability, through edueduation, so that traffic safety rooted in the hearts of students, for the new semester campus safety laid a good foundation.