Another year of tea tasting!The feast of tea culture is here

2022-09-06 0 By

Next month is the annual spring tea season, another time of year for tea tasting.In order to let more citizens and visitors understand the profound Chinese tea culture, recently, The China Tea Museum launched two special exhibitions in shuangfeng Pavilion and Longjing Pavilion respectively: “Sip English and Tsui Hua — Song Dynasty Tea Culture Exhibition” and “Chinese Tea Skills and Tea Customs intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, Zhejiang Chapter”.”For civil use, fu tea is equivalent to rice and salt, which should not be consumed in a day.”To the Song people, tea was not only an elegant thing for royalty, literati, monks and hermits, but also a necessity of common people’s life.So what is it about Song Tea that makes the whole country fall for it?You can find the answer in the exhibition of Tea Culture in Song Dynasty.Relying on the Collection of Tea sets from the Song Dynasty of the China Tea Museum, a total of 181 pieces (sets) of fine cultural relics are on display, including some new faces of the collection of tea utensils, this is their first appearance since joining the China Tea Expo cultural Relics family in 2021.These new members will “tell” a different song Dynasty tea history.China classifies intangible cultural heritage into 10 categories. Up to now, The State Council has announced five batches of representative items of national intangible cultural heritage, including 44 items related to tea.According to tea museum staff, the “Chinese tea art and tea custom intangible thematic exhibition, zhejiang article” is the first leg of the tour across the country, the exhibition in zhejiang province of six tea related national intangible cultural heritage representative projects as the main content, involving the traditional arts and folk two major categories, to everybody present rich and colorful intangible, zhejiang tea art and tea custom.Intangible cultural heritage is the Chinese nation outstanding traditional culture, zhejiang intangible is given priority to with green tea, tea art and tea custom and included in the list of state-level intangible representative projects time early, the organizers hope to thematic exhibition, enhance people of zhejiang intangible tea art and tea custom, promote the protection consciousness and the sense of responsibility, encourage the tea art, tea custom and so on knowledge and experience sharing,Promote the inheritance and development of these projects.It should be noted that, in order to ensure a good order of visit, China National Tea Museum advocates to make an appointment for visit. You can make an appointment through the wechat official account of “China National Tea Museum” and “China National Tea Museum Tea Friends Club”.Visitors are required to show their reservation code and health code before entering the museum, and take temperature measurements consciously. Please wear masks during the whole visit.