Anhui: Yingshang County highway management service center timely repair 345 national road damaged guardrail security chang

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A few days ago, Yingshang County highway center organized maintenance force, sent a maintenance car, a pile driver and cutting machine to the 345 national Road, 785K+400 road center was damaged by the accident of the guardrail for repair, within one hour to complete the repair task, timely plug the safety loopholes, to ensure the safety of the road smooth.In the morning, Yingshangcounty road center received a report from the masses, 345 national Road 785K +400 road guardrail was damaged by the accident, the accident car fled.After learning the situation, the center leadership attaches great importance to immediately arrange maintenance personnel to repair.Maintenance personnel arrived at the scene, saw 785K +400 road middle guardrail was seriously deformed and damaged by the accident car, the damaged guardrail hung over the road, very affecting the road safety and road capacity road appearance clean.They did not dare to neglect, quickly set up safe operation signs, and arrange special personnel to direct traffic.In view of the damage situation, maintenance personnel make maintenance plans on site, and then take positions. We work together to disassemble deformation guardrail and pillar, pull out bending pile. If it can be corrected, it should be corrected immediately; if it is seriously damaged, it should be replaced with new accessories.After a tense and orderly construction, a total of 2 replacement guardrail board, column 1, 2 end, and the end of the guardrail paste reflective signs, timely restore the original appearance of the guardrail, eliminate potential safety hazards, for highway safety and smooth to provide a guarantee.(Chen Dezhi) — help for the front line, voice for the grassroots!You are welcome to log in the highway maintenance network website and wechat platform to publish articles or information.We will select excellent works for further publicity and promotion on the whole series platform of highway maintenance network.Please pay attention to “Road Maintenance network” headline number, road maintenance network video number, road maintenance network wechat public account, road maintenance public account, road maintenance platform public account, Sina Weibo.Supervision inspection network school public number, test test learning public number, supervision inspection examination public number, supervision inspection network school video number