A table summarizes the iteration relationship of each version of the tour

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The browser project can be opened with the same version or a later version. For example, V15 can be opened with V13SP1. However, there are some special cases, as shown in the following table.A relational table, Po road each version of the iteration to (1) no comment) said: if the same version directly to open, if the project version is lower than the current version Po road, then you can backup version to upgrade to the current Po road, that is, the project will be kept before version, in addition to copy a project to upgrade, also can cancel the open action.(2) Noun explanation: Compatible open project refers to the high version open the low version of the project, directly open, without prompting for upgrade, you can choose to upgrade after opening the project.(1) In bo Way V14SP1 software, open bo way V14 project in BO way V14SP1 software, open BO way V14 project, is compatible open project.Similarly, Bo Tu V14 SP1 software is opened using BO TU V14 SP1 software, but the project version is bo TU V14 project.Manual upgrade (2) In Botu V14 software, it is no problem to open the project of the same version of botu V14 software to open the project of the same version. There is a special case that the project uses Botu V14 SP1 software but the project version is Botu V14.In this case botu V14 software can also open the project.(3) The following dialog box is displayed when you open the project of Bo V13SP1/ V12SP1 in Bo V13SP1/V13SP2.V13SP1/V13SP2 Open V13 project V13SP1/V13SP2 Open V12SP1 Project Click “Yes”, the normal backup upgrade, click “No”, compatible with open V13 or V12SP1 project, you can refer to Figure 1 after opening the project to choose the upgrade.(4) The following dialog box will pop up when you open the project of Bo V12 in Bo V13SP1/V13SP2.Click “Yes” to normal backup upgrade, click “No” to upgrade the project backup to V12SP1, and then open the project compatible, you can refer to Figure 1 to select the upgrade after opening the project.Three, Po road upgrading summary finally said once, to stay high version of the software is compatible with low version of the down, which means high version Po road can open the low version of the program, and a COPY of this upgrade is first low version of the program, and then with a COPY of this to upgrade, the upgrade mode does not change the source version of the program, but to COPY an upgraded to high version,Eventually there will be a low version and a high version of the program!At present, botu has arrived at V17, for botu V13 SP1 after the program, you can use a high version of bo directly open upgrade old procedures;To stay V13 SP1 before application, can not directly use the high version of the Po road directly open the update old program, needs to be an old program to upgrade to the first Po road V13 SP1 version, and then use the high version of the way open can, generally do not recommend to continue to high version upgrade, after all version differ too much, a lot of functionality is not compatible.