A new local confirmed case in Yunnan was found in Ruili

2022-09-06 0 By

Kunming, March 24 (People’s Daily Online) — One new confirmed case was reported in Yunnan province from 0 to 24:00 on March 23, according to the Health Commission of Yunnan Province, which found a local confirmed case during nucleic acid screening in the quarantined area of Ruili City.Yunnan has 11 confirmed cases imported from abroad.A total of 1,454 confirmed cases had been reported, and 1,443 had been discharged from hospital after recovery, with no death reported.As of 24:00 on March 23, 2022, a total of 78 confirmed cases had been reported in Yunnan, including 1,972 cured and discharged from hospital, 2 deaths and 2,052 confirmed cases.By now, 48,561 close contacts have been traced, and 5,316 are still under medical observation.Yunnan new asymptomatic patients, 15 cases were local (ruili in the concentration of isolated points found in 1 case, sealing centralization nucleic acids found in 4 cases, screening (county found in 4 cases, concentrated isolation point river county in centralization nucleic acids found in 3 cases of screening, zhenkang in concentrated isolation points found in 2 cases, yingjiang county in the closed loop management focus on regular screening nucleic acids found in 1 case).Seven cases were discharged from medical observation, and 406 cases (25 imported from overseas) were still under medical observation.