2022 Shanxi Province examination recruitment number and last year flat classification classification change ability survey is different

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On February 18, the announcement of recruitment of civil servants in Shanxi Province in 2022 was released, and the recruitment work of Shanxi Province in 2022 was officially launched.After carefully comparing the announcement of the 2022 Shanxi Provincial examination with that of previous years, ccED found that this year’s announcement showed obvious characteristics: enrollment reduction, classification and classification changes, different ability measurement, focus on epidemic prevention and control, etc.Next public education on this year’s recruitment policy for a full range of interpretation, for the majority of candidates of the public examination of the road to clear the clouds.From the examination announcement, the number of positions in Shanxi Province in 2022 is 3770, and 4348 people are planned to be recruited, 28 fewer than last year, and the total size is basically the same as last year.Affected by repeated epidemic, severe employment situation and other factors, may cause this year’s exam number has increased, therefore, candidates need to seize the time to learn, break through the heavy and difficult, efficient promotion, will play out their own learning, in order to stand out in the competition!According to the examination outline, we found that this year’s classification and ability testing and compared with previous years, there are significant changes, highlighting the ability to handle affairs according to law, public service ability testing.2021 civil servants essay test according to the township-level organ and the villages and towns in Shanxi Province authority positions, respectively, the requirement of the life system of test questions, the main test candidates ability of reading comprehension ability, comprehensive analysis, put forward and problem solving skills, to carry out ability, ability to work for people, writing power of expression and practical writing ability.In 2022, the exam is designed according to different requirements of provincial, municipal, county and township positions. It mainly measures applicants’ reading comprehension ability, comprehensive analysis ability, problem-solving ability, implementation ability, law-abiding ability, public service ability, written expression ability and applied writing ability.The examinee must understand in advance the job category, professional requirements, registration conditions, etc., to achieve a definite target.Third, to strengthen epidemic prevention and control and ensure steady progress in the recurrence of COVID-19, all of our activities have been affected to varying degrees.The announcement of recruitment of civil servants for the 2022 examination in Shanxi Province not only clarifies the examination discipline, but also reflects the obvious characteristics of epidemic prevention.Candidates must also bring their admission ticket, valid resident id card and proof of epidemic prevention and control to take the test.Those who lack certificates and relevant evidentiary materials may not take part in the examination.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, test centers will be set up in 11 cities divided into districts to reduce personnel flow and facilitate examinees’ reference. Examinees can choose two test centers according to the principle of convenience and proximity.If there are not enough places in the first test center, candidates whose payment time is later will be arranged to take the test in the second test center.If the city that take an examination of the 2nd place still takes an examination of insufficient, arrange as a whole by examination orgnization.Please pay attention to these details before the test and make relevant preparations in advance so as not to affect the test.