Yongzhou Cold beach: quhe bridge closed, the importance of jiuyi Bridge finally appeared

2022-09-05 0 By

The importance of the Gyri Bridge has finally emerged!Quhe bridge has been closed for several days, now xiangjiang West road busy traffic, lingling south road over a part of the car after changfeng Avenue, Xiangjiang West road to Jiuyi Bridge, into yongzhou Avenue.There are also some cars from Lingling South road into jiuyi Avenue, after jiuyi Bridge.For example, the Gyyi Bridge has received all the traffic from Youngju Railway station and Youngneung Nam Road, and since the Bridge is closed, all the inter-city buses, including No. 8, no. 12 local buses and No. 36 inter-city buses, which travel to Youngneung from the cold water beach, pass through it.It can be said that jiuyi Bridge accepts 1/3 of the traffic flow to Lingling, which greatly eases the traffic pressure of Yongzhou bridge and Xiaoxiang Bridge.It has been several years since the construction of the gyri Bridge, and only in 2022 has the number of traffic increased in earnest.The main reason is that the xiaoxiang road connecting Changfeng Road officially opened, jiuyi Bridge to accept the majority of the fenghuang garden, all the railway station, and even part of the dongan to lingling direction of the car flow.Jiuyi Bridge is connected to Xiaoxiang Dadao which in turn is connected to the newly-opened first-class highway from Lengshuitan to Dongan.Some of dongan s friends say that it takes half of the time to travel to Gyereung from this first class highway to Xiaoxiang Da and Gyereung Bridge, compared to the 207 National highway.In addition, a car going from Lingling to Shaoyang can also go from Xiaoxiang Dadao to Dongan via Jiuyi Bridge, which is better than 207 National Road.Therefore, jiuyi Bridge and jiuyi Avenue are busy with the traffic and for its wide surface and good condition. Therefore, jiuyi Bridge must be an important traffic route in the cold beach area.