What is the value of 400 phone calls?

2022-09-05 0 By

As we all know, 400 telephone is the enterprise marketing weapon, more and more enterprises consult how to handle 400 telephone.At the same time, some companies are wondering what value the 400 phone service can bring to their companies.The 400 telephone, also known as the “national unified access code service”, consists of 10 digits and is a national unified and powerful virtual switchboard designed by telecom operators for enterprises and public institutions.The value that 400 phone can bring to the enterprise includes:
400 is the exclusive number created by the enterprise to effectively improve the corporate image;As a professional pre-sales, after-sales and consulting service hotline of the enterprise, 400 telephone attracts customers to enter the line and increases sales opportunities;400 phone no return to the territory, anywhere in the country can be directly dialed, no need to dial the area code;400 telephone is paid by the main and called parties, which saves communication costs for enterprises.400 phone is a virtual phone, no need to install hardware, even if the company moves there is no need to move, directly change the binding number can be;400 phone number one multi-line function, truly realize the call diversion, avoid missing customers;400 phone has a powerful management background, truly realize the call list, call recording, data analysis and other functions, to build their own small call center.According to the survey, 90% of large enterprises choose first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as their headquarters, reflecting their strength.The same is true for 400 phones. An enterprise with 400 phones will make customers more convinced of its strength.Therefore, dealing with 400 telephone can bring inestimable value to enterprises.