Thank you for spending all your life, just to accompany me

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Two years ago, you accompany me to write my homework, two years later, you still accompany me to write my homework!Long-term company is the best way to show love.Children are lucky to have cats with them all the time.The memories of childhood with pets are unique and irreplaceable.Many children in celebrity families have their own pets, who accompany them all the time.Children with pets have been reported to have a richer gut flora and fewer allergies to objects.When children grow up, they have to take care of pets and be responsible for their lives, so their sense of responsibility is higher than that of children without pets.Many parents worry that the responsibility of cleaning and caring for pets will fall on them.Is that true?The child of a friend’s family was taught by his mother to do things by himself when he was young. He kept a rabbit as a pet and played with it for a while every day. He would take the initiative to clean the cage and feed the rabbit grass.And the rabbit will be written into the composition, due to the description of meticulous, but also awarded.My classmate also kept a dog as a pet.But every time I just slip away to play, when I get home, I hand it all over to my mother.Every time I met my classmates’ mothers, I would hear a complaint that they were looking for something for themselves.Parents do everything, will let the child think, this is the mother’s business, and their own.But these have nothing to do with the small animals, they do not know anything, only know to depend on their master’s survival.If you do, please don’t leave them behind.– — —