“Ru Yi biography” Gao Xi month into the house only princess but can come from behind to become imperial concubine, too realistic

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“As the biography of taken Gao Xi month into the mansion just space space can thus be high-ranked imperial concubine, too real rich examine’s like taken Gao Xi month, at the time of the draft, let oneself beloved hong LiBen to choice if taken for fujin, rich examine’s side fujin, and nature is the person who lost Gao Xi month, later rich examine’s mistake became fujin, if taken became the side fujin, Gao Xi month also became a space space,When the three entered the palace, Gao Xiyue’s position was the lowest.In that time, such as Yi as side Fujin although also concubine, but can be on the royal jade dish, the number of side Fujin also has certain provisions, gege is not the same, but later Gao Xiyue came from behind to pressure such as Yi become concubine, have to say it is too realistic.Just enter the palace, rich’s not hong li was a beloved, have the fujin, as the original is a wife, she is no one can shake, and also can get the respect of hong li, as taken as hong li white moonlight, he naturally reluctant to torment her, as if taken for side fujin, into the house after such as taken is the most popular one, only Gao Xi month,Not only is she the lowest, but so is everything else.In wangfu days, slowly transformed from Lima, side fujin Gao Xi month, have the same status and if taken, but according to the rules of the first, her status is still under such as taken, it completely changed after hong li reign, hong li after he reigned as taken only princess, whereas Gao Xi month rose became the imperial concubine, firmly as taken a head pressure.Why can Gao Xiyue be a later-comer to the top, and pressure hongli’s sweetheart Ruyi?The reason is more realistic, that is because of the gao family behind her.Gao Xi on the bride’s family is very common at the beginning, but after she married into palace, her father has been the emperor reuse, gaos thought status is also rising, her father, water conservancy, she from Lima, became a side fujin later became the imperial concubine, but if taken are hong li sweetheart, but no one at the Laplace power available, without power of etiquette, only the harem woman,It was hard to stand alone on the emperor’s favor.The former dynasty and the harem were inseparable, hongli enthroned to let gao Guifei’s father dead set, can not be wronged gao Guifei, only gao Guifei good, The Gao family in the former dynasty will be more loyal.For Hongli, when he first ascended the throne, there were too many things he had to do. He had to win people over and hold the throne. At that time, he even sent his beloved Ruyi to the cold palace.If you can make their own hongli did not want to let Such as Yi become his wife, but as the honour of nine five have too many things to consider, as a royal man he also have a lot of forced.Gaoxi month becomes the imperial concubineforce pressure such as Yi Hongli heart is not happy, but this is the reality, Gaoxi month family power, Hongli had to do so, it can be seen that there are many unhappy emperor.