In Japan, there is a kind of beauty called imada Miura.

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Misakura Imada probably has a magic touch that makes people smile uncontrollably when they see her.She was named the cutest girl in Fukuoka.She just has a certain charm that appeals to all boys and girls.The nose and mouth are small and lovely, his sweet and moving big eyes make many people envy, and every little expression on his face is unusually vivid.People also often use “glass beautiful girl” “mint beautiful girl” these words to describe her, such as mint general fresh, such as glass general clear.Double ponytail modelling lovely extremely!Many people got to know Imada when she became a top trending weibo user with the phrase “double ponytail goddess”.We see her sweet and lovely side, but in fact her body has a lot of super contrast meng!Since her debut at the age of 16, Imada has played most of the domineering “little Devil”.Manchu drama “spend the day clear” in the high reduction of the small devil true vector Ai Li ▼ suspense drama “3 years A Class: from now on, we are all hostages” play the cunning and beautiful Suwa Wei yue ▼ these roles and her own personality is completely different, the interpretation of the difficulty is not small.However, she used acting to present these perfectly.In April this year, Imada Misakura’s first leading role in The Japanese drama “Evil Girl” will premiere, she and Eguchi Tokuko’s combination is also very much anticipated.Sexy Misakura Imada’s figure perfectly illustrates what it means to look thin in clothes and look fat off clothes.Japanese stars pay more attention to symmetry in the figure, imada Meisakura is the same, every line on the body let a person feel happy.She seems to find no fault in her appearance.Social terror may be hard for many people to believe, but Imada misakura is a super social terror with a lively smile.I like to stay at home in my spare time, living an endless cycle of “eating — watching TV — sleeping”.I’m afraid to go out and meet strangers.(I’m relieved to see a beautiful woman like that…)Dominear dress take a person today tian Mei sakura is not only sweet and lovely one side, her image before the lens is the dominear queen of cold wind more.Change the character design in a second, portray every role, as if born for the camera.Outfits and makeup also change with the scene and style.Makeup is not very thick, reducing the beauty of the body temperament, increased a sense of indifference.Wearing looks like a simple piece, but in the small details, they spent a lot of thought, a silver necklace, a pair of unique high heels, can vaguely foil her queen fan.The nose is small and lovely, the eyes are moving and cold, sweet but salty is this beautiful girl!Imada Miura with a smile is sunny and bright, small and fresh wear with a clear sense of the body, just like a “mint department beautiful girl” image.Imada Misakura is no problem when she does not smile. She is a cool beauty who has a kind of classical beauty after wearing gorgeous clothes.Red, in particular, is particularly harmonious on her.And put on black Imada Mei Sakura looks mature a lot, the body from the inside out out of the elegant temperament really let a person see another she.She’s only 157cm tall, but she makes up for it by dressing.Private service is also a variety of styles, every time will bring you a great surprise ~ such a beautiful girl who can not like it?