How can harmful birds be driven away immediately and permanently

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How to scare birds away immediately and permanently is a very common question, as harmful birds pose many different problems for human activities: birds transmit a variety of diseases, from salmonella to avian flu;Guano is highly corrosive and can cause serious damage to buildings/residential and commercial facilities;Birds also gorge on many different crops, causing huge losses in growers’ yields.There are many articles on the Internet about how to scare off birds, most of which suggest using visual deterrence, such as fake owls, or the sound of birds calling for help.These traditional solutions only work in the short term, because birds are very intelligent creatures and they quickly learn that these deterrents are useless.In fact, birds’ most developed sense is vision, with a keen sense of color, which is crucial for finding food/mating and keeping predators away.This means that in most cases, visual deterrence is more effective than auditory deterrence.Even with barbed wire, birds can not be prevented from enjoying a good meal to scare the model owl.As mentioned, birds are very smart, so static statues like fake statues don’t work for very long, birds quickly realize they are not dangerous and even stay on top of them.Some people use dynamic kites to scare birds, but the trajectory is too monotonous, and soon it’s just flying kites.The key to effectively scaring off birds is a method of bird control that is unpredictable over time.Intelligent green laser is a very effective method to drive away birds.Can effectively/consistently scare away birds.Birds can sense solid green lasers and instinctively fly away when they see them.The green laser, which is programmed by a computer to approach the birds from different angles at random moments, can effectively/permanently scare them away because the system’s movements are unpredictable and the birds are not used to it.