Handan City traffic police detachment focus on illegal parking special governance work

2022-09-05 0 By

Hebei news (reporter Miao Wenjin) to further standardize the main city parking order, to create a good urban traffic environment, from now on, Handan City traffic patrol detachment in the city’s main city limits to carry out illegal parking special governance action.This action focuses on the road above, not parked in the parking space, not according to the orderly parking direction, occupying the blind parking motor vehicles;Blue temporary parking Spaces in the roadway, motor vehicles that do not park in accordance with the time period and orientation, motor vehicles that do not park in the parking Spaces and other vehicles that park indiscriminately.During the day, in the city’s main urban areas (Congtai District, Handan District, Fuxing District, jingkai District), the main and secondary roads, back streets and alleys to carry out comprehensive control of illegal parking vehicles;At night, the focus is on the main and secondary roads, namely the nine longitudinal and nine horizontal roads to carry out illegal parking management of motor vehicles.Nine longitudinal: Zhonghua Street, Guangming Street, Fuming Street, Fuming Street, Dongliu Street, Century Street, Yuxin Street, Tiexi Street, Qianjin Street;Nine horizontal: Lianfang Road, Congtai Road, Renmin Road, Heping Road, Lingyuan Road, Agriculture and forestry Road, Water plant Road, Zhuhe Road, Xueyuan Road.From now on, from 19:00 to 22:00 in the evening, the detachment in the main city of nine longitudinal and nine horizontal sections of the patrol governance;On the main and secondary roads (nine vertical and nine horizontal) illegally parked vehicles to inform first, paste the “illegal parking notice sheet”, prompt to inform the owners of standardized parking, since February 14, illegal parking vehicles will be punished according to law.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.