Gen 2 GS8: Order ten free $1000 gas cards

2022-09-05 0 By

Trumpchi Spring Thunder ring when buying cars now order ten gifts buy Trumpchi good car and give 1000 yuan gas card activity time from now to March 20 activity hotline: 400-125-3420 a heavy gift direct sales gift: direct sales model to high Comprehensive Giant Hui 20000 yuan two gift financial gift:Super 0 down payment, designated models to high discount 8000 yuan triple gift replacement gift: upgrade Trumpchi good car, designated models to high replacement subsidy 8000 yuan quadruple-gift service gift: Group purchase special enjoy value of more than 2000 yuan 10 times maintenance oil package five gifts boutique gift:M6 electric tail door, Yingbao smart watch, Yingbao electric tail wing, M8, GS8 wood floor, electric pedals, digital keys, etc.Surprise gift: Customers who order cars during the event can participate in the lucky draw with a percent winning rate. Ticket gift: Register in advance to get discounts. Ten Gift Car Booking: Book in advance to get luxury gift The event will run from March 16, 2022 to March 16, 2022