Gastric cancer “accelerator”, doctor: 3 kinds of “fake breakfast”, eat once or equal to 10 plastic bags

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The physiological function of the stomach is storage, digestion and absorption, which is an important organ in the digestive system. Once the stomach is damaged, the digestion time of food will be prolonged, making people appear bloating, dyspepsia, acid reflux, belching and other manifestations.However, the improvement of people’s living standard and the change of diet structure have caused more and more damage to the stomach, resulting in the increasing incidence of gastric cancer year by year.Gastric cancer is a malignant tumor originating from gastric mucosa epithelium, with the highest incidence among all kinds of malignant tumors in China. Early gastric cancer has mild symptoms and no clinical specificity, so it has been ignored by people.There are about 3.8 million new cases of malignant tumors in China every year, among which the incidence of gastric cancer ranks second in men and fourth in women.In recent years, the incidence of gastric cancer in China has been increasing year by year. The incidence of gastric cancer is high, but the onset of the disease is late, resulting in the overall cure rate of about 1/3.It can be said that gastric cancer is one of the most terrible diseases in all kinds of cancer, with great pain and high mortality, especially for the patients themselves suffering from different from ordinary people, so once any discomfort occurs, we should actively cooperate with treatment, do not give up on ourselves.01 Early symptoms of gastric cancer 1, appetite loss: this is one of the most typical symptoms of early gastric cancer, when the stomach cell cancer, patients will appear appetite loss, do not want to eat symptoms, because there will be no pain, so it is often ignored by people.2, acid reflux: early gastric cancer patients will have stomach discomfort, often acid reflux uncomfortable symptoms, some people will appear after eating abdominal distension, belching, some people will think it is stomach inflammation, but it is also the early symptoms of gastric cancer.3. Upper abdomen fullness and discomfort: During the whole gastric cancer period, patients will have symptoms of upper abdomen fullness and discomfort. After eating, they feel difficult to swallow or even do not want to eat, and always feel that the upper abdomen is full.4, emaciation: after canceration happens when gastric cell, cancer cell can scramble nutrition with the body, bring about the symptom that patient appears apparent emaciation, still can accompany weak at the same time, this may be short time occurrence appetite drops to cause.02 breakfast is nourishing the stomach to stomach good morning “golden period”, most of the disease of the stomach and intestines and stomach discomfort because the body cold overweight, stomach function caused by falling, and in the morning is the sun be the spirit of the day most of time, by this time eat some good food for your stomach, to regulate the stomach, relieving gastrointestinal discomfort, so eat breakfast has certain protective effect on stomach.If you do not eat breakfast, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa and damage the stomach, thus aggravating gastritis and the incidence of gastric ulcer disease. If you want to protect the stomach, you should eat breakfast first.03 doctors: three kinds of “fake” breakfast, eat 1 time or equal to 10 bags: 1, tea breakfast had better eat less tea eggs, because of the tea repeatedly decoction, the nourishment composition has been destroyed, on the other hand is in the process of cooking tea contains iron in acidic substances and eggs, stimulating effect to the stomach, which affects the gastrointestinal digestive function.If breakfast often eat tea eggs, will stimulate the stomach, is not conducive to digestion and absorption of the stomach.2, fried churros: churros belong to high temperature fried food, which unsaturated fatty acids will form dimers, polymers and other substances that are not easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, and stay in the stomach for a long time will affect the digestion and absorption of the stomach.After high temperature frying, the nutrients in the churros have been destroyed, the nutritional content of the oil has decreased, so it is best to eat less churros for breakfast at ordinary times.3, pickles: patients with gastritis themselves are not recommended to eat pickles, pickles contain more acidic ingredients, will cause irritation to the gastric mucosa, cause inflammation of the gastric mucosa, is not conducive to the recovery of gastritis.And pickles also contain carcinogenic substances, often eat pickled pickles, bad for the body.Tea eggs, fried dough sticks and pickles are three “fake breakfasts”, which are equal to 10 plastic bags at a time, and are the “accelerators” of stomach cancer. If you want to protect your stomach, stay away from them as soon as possible.For more exciting content, follow Dr. Zhang’s health chat