Awkward bewitched classic “just like the cold light in the sun”, wonderful story firmly sit the top!

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Hello everyone, meet you again!We all know that there are many kinds of novels: ancient words, now words, quick wear, youth, campus…But in the process of chasing books will also appear the phenomenon of book shortage, so this small edition to recommend you a few super good-looking novels.Don’t miss it!This issue recommends: the classic work that embarrassing has bewitching pen “just like cold light encounters scorching sun”, the plot is wonderful steady sit top spot!The first “exclusive possession” author: Ding Mo introduce: some day, Hua Yao receives the gift of an accident — the human bone of a white ghastly.The robot who gave the gift explained, “This is the broken bone of the commander.He was wounded in the Battle of Sirius three years ago and had a metal leg bone replaced.”Hua Yao went to ask someone, “Why did you give me your bone?”Great thing: “What’s on your mind?Worried about Noel?”I was startled at the sudden sound of a deep, smiling voice.Kenya took two steps forward and stood upright less than half a meter away, her long legs half a foot apart, her hands behind her, looking down at me.Like a real commander full of ambition, dignified, calm and dignified.”No.”I replied, “Win and lose, of course.”His smile deepened with a slight frown.I took the opportunity to say, “Your Highness, I have robots and soldiers on board.They had no part in the mutiny.Can you let them go?”He was shocked, suddenly smiled: “Why care about the insignificant people?””Because they’re protecting me with their lives.”I looked him straight in the eye.He looked at me silently and suddenly reached out and took my right hand, which was hanging by my side.His hand was so big and so strong that I couldn’t resist and watched as he lifted it to his lips and planted a kiss on the back of it.”Hua Yao.”His handsome face lifted slightly, his bright eyes smiling playfully. “If I protect you, will I get your attention?”The second book “I have been by your side” author: Gu Xijue Introduction: This world is like a frame of sequential rotation of scenery, and he is outside the frame, I do not know where to be, today evening he Xi.All he knew was that there was someone he had to meet in this life.Cheng Bai came back from work from the hospital, went back to the room bathroom to take a bath, wiped her hair and went to the balcony to make a phone call. She saw a car drive away at the front door, and Cheng Yuanyuan stood at the door and waved vigorously. After waving for a while, she stopped and smiled and came in.”Yuan Yuan is back?”Aunt Zhu, wearing an apron, poked her head out of the kitchen and greeted Yuan Yuan with a smile.”Well, Aunt Zhu.””Just saw a car to drop you off. Is that your boyfriend?”Aunt Zhu asked.Yuan Yuan think of Fu Beichen, respect and gratitude in my heart, just to open, see the stairs to walk down the people, is going to say the words swallow back.Cheng Bai passed in front of her, did not look at her, went to the living room to sit on the sofa, turned on the TV.Garden garden just want to go upstairs, Dai Shufen came back, Cheng Shenghua has dinner in the evening, so even the car did not go directly.Dai Shufen saw her daughter with Cheng Bai at home, said, “are hungry,” he went into the kitchen, to help Aunt Zhu.Dai shufen has felt guilty about living in other people’s homes, so whenever she has time, she helps with housework.Yuan Yuan also immediately ran into the kitchen to help – mainly to avoid Cheng Bai.The third “just like the cold light in the hot sun” author: awkward bewitching awkward bewitching under the pen of the classic “just like the cold light in the hot sun”, wonderful plot firmly sit the top!Introduce: one awakens, she looks at the oneself in the mirror, face of explosion head bloody tattoo is changed so that resemble ghost, see more than one second hot eye.Before the rebirth, she had another love, a heart to escape, hate his guts.Exciting Content: Ye Wan wan had already considered his choice of words. Now he did not hesitate much and said directly, “I want to talk about our relationship!””Our relationship?”The man’s eyebrows and eyes narrowed slightly.Ye Wan wan nodded and asked solemnly, “Yes…Si Yehan, what do you think of our present relationship?””You are mine,” Si said almost without hesitation.Ye Wan wan: “…”Ye Wan wan is very familiar with the pattern of this answer.Just as she had asked him why he was herself, and he had replied, “Because you are the only one.”Answers she couldn’t understand at all.Ye Wan wan forced herself to ignore the man’s reply and continued to say, “Si Yehan, I have never understood why you like me. With your status, you can have any woman you want. Even if you like fat and heavy taste, there are countless people willing to cater to your taste.This is the end of the recommendation, what do you think?Pay attention to small make up don’t get lost, if you like can also leave a message in the comment area!Gu nanxi’s novel “He Came from Hell” is so amazing, the male protagonist is ascetic and high sweet!Sick Jiao: In the room, he touches the chain on her wrist and slowly says, “No escape, Sissy.” Sick Jiao: He looks at her coldly and locks her up again. “Pay your debt to me.”