With the winter Olympics monthly revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan, Yili climbed to a new peak

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Since March, the first report card for 2022 has been released in various industries.A few days ago, Yili disclosed its performance in the first 1-2 months, not only the monthly revenue entered the club of ten billion yuan, but also realized a year-on-year profit growth of about 20%.As we all know, The performance of Yili basic plate has been very strong, and the growth rate is so bright, the market can not help asking, Yili do what?In the past two months, the “Winter Olympics” as a special factor has highlighted the driving effect — brands taking advantage of the momentum on the basis of high quality products have almost achieved the lead.Take anta in the apparel field as an example. As the official sports apparel partner of the Winter Olympics, anta’s popularity has increased significantly in two months.For example, China Mobile in the field of communication, represented by wang Meng and other features, has achieved the effect of volume crushing.Sports events have always been a competitive place for brands, and it is a highly respected way to win.A number of independent third-party organizations’ rankings of brand influence during the Winter Olympics show that Yili has frequently topped the list and achieved “fame and fortune”.Among them, Yili originally did not have special advantages such as stadium logo display, but it ranked first in consumer cognition.How is clever transcendence achieved?After sorting and research, found yili win three mysteries: innovation as the basis, the long line matting, steady rhythm.In short, Rome was not built in a day.There is no doubt that 2022 is a big year for sports. With the opening of the Winter Olympics, Beijing has become the world’s first double Olympic City, and the Winter Olympics has become the focus of national attention.In addition to the sports feast, the Olympics has become a marketing battlefield for brands, including official sponsorship, athlete endorsement, limited products, program promotion…The marketing activities of major brands almost become a textbook of all-round sports marketing.Chinese brands accounted for the majority of the 58 sponsors of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, and many brands took advantage of the opportunity to spread during the Games and also achieved good results.Anta, a clothing company, secured all the equipment of The Chinese team for the Olympic medal events, which gained a good spillover effect during this Winter Olympics.Migu Video in the field of video broadcasting has also gained brand recognition by virtue of wang Meng and other commentators.Yili, on the other hand, started from the extensive coverage of the games, celebrity athletes’ endorsement, Olympic products, Olympic services and other aspects, and gained a lot in actual achievements.The marketing campaigns of the major brands during the Winter Olympics were hot, but who won the prize?According to the third party research data, Yili Olympic identity of consumer awareness ranking leading the industry.Yili’s image of good quality is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and its reputation has reached a record high, leading the food and beverage industry.Combing yili’s “playing style” can be found that yili started its rhythmic preheating propaganda as early as before the Winter Olympics.When the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was 500 days away, Yili held the “Beijing Winter Olympic Games 500 Days countdown Ceremony and 60,000 Yili People pledge ceremony” in Beijing.Countdown to the one-year anniversary, Yili released the attitude of the Winter Olympics short film “Forward, We are the Destiny of Life”;Countdown 100 days, shoot the brand promotion video “See you in 100 days”, with “100 days to realize a small dream” as the theme, let everyone’s dream and the winter Olympics dream synchronized sprint…Step by step yili’s Olympic identity continues to strengthen, take the first advantage.After entering the Winter Olympics cycle, Yili combined the two key marketing nodes of the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics to make a “combination punch”, maintain the high-level layout of online media, deep penetration of offline stores, create a large marketing integration with a wide range of influence and great volume in the past decade, and achieve a strong drive to the business.Yili continuously communicated with the audience through channels such as TV terminal, byte system, Tencent system and Weibo. The carefully created winter Olympics content accompanied nearly 90% of Chinese people to ignite wave after wave of enthusiasm in the snow and ice.Offline, Yili continues to promote the “National Winter Olympics” in China with the help of bus shelters, bus bodies, outdoor LED scenes and 4 million terminal stores across the country.On the other hand, Yili gave full play to the synergy between the product end and the channel end, comprehensively upgraded the product lines of the five business divisions with the Theme of the Winter Olympics, and strongly promoted the Image of the Winter Olympics in many stores across the country. In addition to improving its product efforts, yili once again made its Olympic identity deeply embedded in the hearts of consumers through its products.In addition, Yili spokesperson Su Yiming related marketing activities have become one of its biggest highlights.Su Yiming won the gold medal in the men’s snowboard platform final in the Current Winter Olympic Games. Yili made a deep connection with su yiming in his gold medal, birthday and shop visit and other hot opportunities, and the number of reading of the endorsement topic reached 330 million on the first day.With the Olympic Games in the same 17 years yili can become the “flow king” during the Winter Olympics, is not the result of temporary marketing activities, but long-term advantages under the fine cultivation.In 2005, Yili signed a contract with boCOG to become the sponsor of dairy products for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, which was the first official relationship between Yili and the Olympic Games.After that, Yili accompanied the Chinese Olympic Team to compete in the Olympics for many times in the three Summer and two Winter Olympics.With the Beijing Summer Olympics as the starting point, yili is now back in Beijing, and it can be said that yili has become a “double Olympic enterprise”.With 17 years of cooperation with the Olympic Games, Yili is also making great efforts to play the synergistic effect of its products, and several of its representative products have recorded the Olympic mark at that time.In terms of products, Yili has an earlier connection with the Olympics.Eli ice Cream launched its iconic product torch ice cream in 1993, which was born for the Olympic Games. Starting from Atlanta, eli ice Cream has been dedicated for 20 years to bring consumers the wonderful enjoyment between the lips and teeth, conveying the sportsmanship of dare to fight and dare to break. It is truly delicious, and youth is not afraid to lose, torch energy, and spell out the extraordinary!This product also brings the Chinese cold beverage industry from the Popsicle era to the ice cream era, and the appearance of yili Torch inspired by the Olympic torch is also more popular.In 2006, the year after signing the contract with BoCOG, Yili Jindian Milk was born, which is the first high-end sub-brand representative of Yili liquid milk. Adhering to the concept of “offering high quality”, Yili is committed to creating “high-quality natural milk” in China. Now, As one of yili’s flagship products, Jindian organic milk is one of its series products.In addition, the birth of representative products, such as Jinlingguan infant milk powder, Changqing and Anmuxi Greek yogurt, all have inextricably linked with the Olympic theme at that time. It can be said that these star products of Yili all contain the Olympic gene.Different from the limited products of other brands during the Olympic Games, these products of Yili are still the star products in its product line after the End of the Olympic Games cycle, and they can also play a synergistic effect with related marketing actions when the next Olympic Games cycle comes.For example, 2021 is the 25th anniversary of yili Torch’s launch on the market, and it is also a rare “Year of Olympic double competition”. The Tokyo Olympic Games and Beijing Winter Olympic Games have provided yili torch with an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the Olympic potential for its Olympic marketing. Therefore, Yili also launched the limited clothing of “Yili Torch” for the 25th anniversary of its launch on the market.This also once again deepened yili in the hearts of consumers “Olympic image”.The superior strength behind “Double Olympic Enterprise” based on innovation has become the “double Olympic enterprise” accompanying the Olympic Games for 17 years, and behind it is yili’s product strength that has been recognized again and again.Quality is always the most important lifeline of the dairy industry, and it is also one of the important considerations when choosing cooperative enterprises for the Olympic Games.Yili has long believed in the corporate creed of “Yili is quality”, which continuously helps yili to consolidate the global leading quality management system. In 2020, Yili was awarded the first “Quality comes from Design QbD- Conformity Certification” certificate in the food field in China.At the same time, yili further consolidated its leading quality management system in the whole chain by continuously strengthening independent quality management.In terms of quality control, Yili has fully implemented the “quality leading strategy”, implementing the strict standard of “enterprise standard 50% higher than the national standard, actual internal control standard 20% higher than the enterprise standard”, and extending quality management to all partners in the global industrial chain, creating healthy food in line with the Olympic Standard.Affected by the epidemic, consumers have become more aware of health, and their demand for health products is also escalating.Yili is also meeting the changing needs of consumers by accelerating innovation.In order to better understand consumers, Yili integrates the information provided by more than 5 million sales terminals, 1 billion consumers and a large number of partners, and uses big data to gain insight into consumers’ deep needs in real time.For example, yili launched a highly praised “yellow peach + oatmeal” flavor yogurt, is through big data analysis, found that consumers in the selection of yogurt not only nutritional delicious and maintain the personalized needs of the product.In addition, the Erie also focus on building a “sensory evaluation center lab,” application of eeg and eye movement research advanced technology to capture consumer sensory experience feedback, and formed is referred to as “product tasting division” specialized sensory research team, from the appearance, smell, taste, taste, and many other dimensions detailed description and evaluation of product performance senses,Precise positioning of product optimization and innovation direction.In fact, Yili has been exploring the path of digital and intelligent dairy industry transformation for many years.In 2015, Yili became the first dairy enterprise to be selected into the list of national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects by virtue of the “Dairy Production Intelligent Factory Pilot Demonstration Project”.In 2017, the research project on intelligent manufacturing standards in the dairy industry led by Yili was approved and implemented by the state.Today, yili’s smart factories help the innovative and high-quality development of the dairy industry.High quality guarantee and strong innovation strength are the strong backing of Yili for 17 years to accompany the Olympic athletes to compete in the stadium.17 years to help the Olympic Games, continue to provide Olympic athletes with quality products, Yili also in the Olympic Games for the quality of cooperation brand is very strict high-level events, again and again to prove their product power and innovation.Source: National Business News