Weishan, Yunnan Province: “Ten thousand talents revitalize ten thousand villages” to empower rural revitalization

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“Talent hing wan village” action since WeiShan county, combined with the actual, earnestly implement the provincial, state, “than a talent hing wan village” deployment requirements of action, act quickly, a wire guide of experts in the country, in a clear financial fluctuation kongfu, the unreal on assistance in the service, in the template, write the fields,The answer sheet for rural revitalization has been written with genuine feelings, and the results of talent services for rural revitalization have been effective.Strengthen organizational leadership, high position under the “first move”.Adhering to the principle of the Party supervising talent, weishan County formulated and printed the Action Plan of “ten thousand talents revitalizing Ten thousand Villages”, incorporated the action of “ten thousand talents revitalizing ten thousand villages” into the working mechanism of party secretaries at county and township levels for rural revitalization, made it an important content of the annual personnel work leading group members’ reporting and evaluation, and strengthened the application of evaluation results.At important meetings on the promotion of key tasks for community-level Party building and party building and organizational work, the government repeatedly stressed the need to promote the work of “bringing 10,000 talents to 10,000 villages”.Promote the formation of the “department coordination, the linkage of the upper and lower” work situation, from a high position to plan all work, to ensure the orderly progress of the “10,000 talents revitalize 10,000 villages” action.We will accurately match supply and demand and take the initiative with high quality.To strengthen demand-oriented, the county’s townships and villages (communities) carried out a comprehensive investigation and survey, sorting and summarizing 140 assistance needs around the general requirements of “thriving industry, livable ecology, civilized local customs, effective governance, and rich life”.Widely called industry professionals in “talent hing village” action, targeted to the key industry sectors “mobilization order”, key talents from xing said ehud Shapiro, the agricultural specialized technical talented person, the residency work team members, party members and cadres will send a professional academic, solid business ability and enthusiastic service specialist personnel at the grass-roots level, the formation of foot high quality “resource list”.Adhere to the “because of the village, on demand, must strengthen and pragmatic” principle, combined with the villages (communities) demand list and industry development present situation, adopt the mode of village + remote guidance “to the” on a regular basis, the cadre of 31 persons (as the first secretary of the 15 people) to the village service for two years, flexible 52 persons (including CangEr diffused personnel 2 people) to the village service 1 year,We will cover 43 key villages and 40 non-key villages for rural development.Strict dynamic control, high requirements read a good “magic spell”.In combination with the on-the-spot assessment of grassroots Party construction, the work of “10,000 talents revitalizing 10,000 villages” was included in the assessment, and the performance and role of selected talents in administrative villages was explored.Establish “ten thousand talents flourishing ten thousand villages” action work documentary system, fill in the work every six months, serve the village (community) party organization, township party committee, county department party committee (party group) level by level audit and check, pressure compaction “four party responsibility”.