Qingming Festival | Chongqing garrison team into gele Mountain memory of revolutionary martyrs, the pursuit of heroic footprints

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Qingming Festival year after year, year after year offering loyal soul.During the war, countless revolutionary martyrs for the liberation of new China did not hesitate to shed their heads, shed blood, through fire and water, sacrifice their lives for justice, with their precious youth and filled with blood, wrote a stirring magnificent poem.Today, in peacetime, there are heroes on the Karakoram Plateau who devote their lives and blood to protecting the mountains and rivers of the motherland, and there are fire fighters who protect forest resources and protect the people. They tell us through their actions that heroes never go far and their spirit is passed on from generation to generation.Castle peak buried loyal bones, offering flowers to heroes.On April 2 in the morning, the gansu province forest fire corps garrisoned chongqing team entered the gele mountain martyrs cemetery to carry out “the revolutionary martyrs, red inheritance gene” qingming festivals of the activity, mourning “one by one, erqi” political massacre at the expense of revolutionary martyrs, pay their feats, coagulation hearts meet force, bacon, casting the soul,Gather the spiritual strength to forge ahead on a new journey and make achievements in a new era.Green pine cuibai shou heroic, spring flowers send grief.In front of the revolutionary martyrs’ monument, all the members of the team took off their hats and bowed to the martyrs’ monument in silence to express their deep memory and admiration for the revolutionary martyrs.Then, representatives of the garrison slowly walked to the revolutionary martyrs monument, to the revolutionary martyrs presented a basket.In the face of the revolutionary martyrs tombstone, the players seem to see the revolutionary martyrs, sacrificed their lives for justice scene, in the witness of the bright party flag, the players review the party oath, with a solemn commitment to express the members of the firm inheritance of red genes, play the new mission of emergency rescue determination.”Reviewing the centurylong history of the Party, we have sailed from the red ship of Nanhu lake, to the gunshot of nanchang city, from the spark of Jinggangshan, to the long march of 25,000 li…””Looking back on the construction and development of forest fire brigade for several decades, it is also a history of overcoming difficulties, hard struggle and sacrifice. It is the countless predecessors who silently stick to it for the rapid development of the team and continue to grow…”.Instructor Wei Lele led the team to review the glorious history of the century-old Party history in front of the monument of heroes, and encouraged all the team members to remember the revolutionary history, inherit the martyrs’ will, forge ahead and forge ahead.At the end of the ceremony, all the members of the team offered flowers to the martyrs who were laid to rest here, and visited the Red Rock Soul Exhibition hall, looking for and recalling the glorious course of the revolutionary martyrs.The hero is gone, the spirit lives on.Walking out of the martyrs’ cemetery, the team members said that they must bear in mind the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s flag-giving speech, hold the torch of faith high, perform the mission and tasks given by the Party and the people in the new era with excellent skills, and compose glory on the new journey of emergency rescue!