Qiantang River is a river, not a sea. As the mother river of Zhejiang province, qiantang River is the three classic main streams

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Qiantang River is a river not a sea. The qiantang River, named “Zhejiang” in ancient Times, is the origin of zhejiang province’s name and also a mother river of Zhejiang province.There are three classic sections of the qiantang River trunk stream, which are: first, the Xin ‘an River section, with the famous Thousand Island Lake scenic spot;Second, the Fuchun River section, which is the prototype described in “Fuchun Mountain Dwelling Map”;Third, qiantang River section, famous six Harmony pagoda and Qiantang River tide.Qiantang river “fuchun mountains, magnificent picture first, xin an river, is the famous qiandao lake scenic spot some geographic knowledge knows, the birthplace of the qiantang river, in more than 500 kilometers away from anhui rapidly, from anhui rapidly, the river was called xin an river, is the upstream of the qiantang river main stream, xin an river section, there are two famous scenic spot, one in anhui,It is called “Xin ‘an River Landscape Gallery”, and the other one is located in Zhejiang province, which is the famous Thousand Island Lake.Thousand island lake dream landscape in most people’s impression, thousand island lake is a lake, is a national 5 a grade scenic spot, in fact, the identity of the thousand island lake is the most primitive, the reservoir area of the reservoir is xin an river, is not natural, but for the governance of qiantang river basin flood in 1959 and the construction of a large reservoir, after the completion of the reservoir, the peaks of the xin an river valley,They have become nearly a thousand islands of different shapes in the Xin ‘anjiang Reservoir, forming the spectacular “Thousand Island Lake” landscape.Second, the “thousand island” in the thousand island lake landscape fuchun river section, namely “fuchun mountains” describes the prototype of the mentioned the qiantang river middle reaches of the river, that is, from building heart, fuyang to tonglu section, the section of the river has a reputation as the name of the qiantang river, fuchunjiang, yes, in the history of Chinese literature, you can read a lot of poems, countless poets in tang and song dynasty, the ci intone the fuchun river,A beautiful river, like the convergence of poetry, gave birth to yan Ziling, Wu Zixu, Yu Dafu and other famous literati.”Fuchun mountains of prototype, fuchunjiang, however, on behalf of fuchun river scenery scenic spots of apotheosis, when” fuchun mountains “, the image created by the yuan dynasty painter huang gongwang in 1350 printed ink painting, the painting is seven hundred centimeters, is recognized as one of China top ten most famous paintings, and described the fuchun mountains,It is the scenery of Fuchun River section in Tonglu, Zhejiang province. In the real scenery of Fuchun River section today, such as the Small Three Gorges of Fuchun River, Diaotai of Yan Ziling, Zixu Crossing and Qili sailing, the scenic scenery of mountains and rivers described in “Fuchun Mountain Residence Map” can still be found.Third, qiantang River section, there are the famous Six Harmony tower and qiantang River tide Fuchun River flows to Hangzhou Wenjia Yan, it becomes the lower reaches of qiantang River, also returned to the name – Qiantang River.Qiantang River because of the winding river, many places show the “zigzag” shape, so alias is also called “Zhijiang”, “Zhejiang”, and the name of Zhejiang Province, is also due to the Qiantang River this “Zhejiang” alias evolved.Qiantang river and river six harmonies pagoda in the qiantang river, as a result of haikou – hangzhou qiantang river flows into the east China sea, in a special bell shape, therefore, become the largest place in China’s coastal tidal here, lunar calendar August 15, because of the influence of tidal action, reach maximum qiantang river tide, turbulent tao day, tidal range can reach 9 to 10 meters, so,The custom of watching tides on the Qiantang River began to take shape in the Han and Wei dynasties more than 2,000 years ago, and reached its peak in the Tang and Song dynasties. The Six Harmony Pagoda on the bank of the Qiantang River was also built for the tidal bore of the Qiantang River during the Northern Song Dynasty.Qiantang River tide watching the Qiantang River although eventually east into the sea, but itself is a river is not the sea.Qiantang River main stream of different names are different, but are very well-known existence.From the upper reaches of the Xin ‘an River landscape gallery to Qiandao Lake, the middle reaches of the Fuchun River, which gave birth to famous works such as “Fuchuan Mountain Residence map”, and the lower reaches of the Qiantang River, which is famous for qiantang Spring Tide and six Harmonies Pagoda, three sections of the classic trunk stream, constitute the qiantang River magnificent.