New Year fat three catties, natto to scrape oil

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All those who don’t want to get fat, gather here!As the saying goes: every festival fat three catties!Adults in the world, the original meat can also be as happy to accumulate, perhaps you are still indifferent to its arrival, when you realize that it is already paunchy, meat is not only lovely!She was also an enemy of her health.Adults are getting far away from health, and a dose of innocence is needed to bring them closer.Saucy saucy saucy, innocent entrance – Natto!Natto is a soybean product fermented by natto bacteria. 60% of the protein in soybeans can be absorbed by the human body, and after being fermented into natto, the efficiency of absorption by the human body is up to 90%. Natto should be consumed at 30-100g per day, and it is recommended to eat it at dinner time.