Multi-dimensional Promotion of “Linkage of six Cities” in Chaoyang District of Changchun

2022-09-04 0 By

Set up a work leading group headed by the secretary of the District Party Committee and the head of the district, with 10 special classes, to promote the “linkage of the six cities”……Chaoyang District of Changchun city rescheduled the work of “linkage of six cities” on The 17th, undertaking the deployment of the 14th Party Congress from multi-dimensional aspects such as project construction and platform construction.Based on the development of modern urban economic core positioning, chaoyang district on goals to support the “three, three center”, proposed the key task, the auto parts manufacturing, modern commercial and trade services into a chaoyang district economic development pillar industry, the development of information technology services, financial services, travel, industry,From the organizational structure, project planning, platform building, policy support, talent construction, special class promotion and other aspects, the overall support of the “six cities linkage”.Chaoyang District, Changchun city, through the construction of project database, platform group, capital pool, designated policy package, talent valley, the establishment of special promotion class, to ensure the implementation of tasks, to form a joint force to promote industrial development.Adhere to the leading drive, take the lead in development, focus on solving the problem of “small quantity and low quality” of regional economy, highlight the leading role of chaoyang Economic Development Zone, integrate the industrial chain and supply chain of the whole region, expand the advantageous industries, and drive the industrial upgrading of the whole region.We should adhere to the principle of industry leading and cluster clustering, focus on solving the problems of “scattered and insufficient cluster” in the industrial system, and give priority to the development of leading industries.We will focus on solving the problems of “constraints of factors and insufficient guarantee” in planning and distribution, gather high-quality resources in accordance with the needs of the coordinated construction of the six cities, and give priority to resource allocation and policy support.Adhere to the high level of planning, coordination and linkage, focus on solving the regional development of “block segmentation, repetitive construction” and other problems, docking the city’s “three strong cities, three centers”, promote regional industrial development positioning clear, prominent advantages, benign interaction.(Source: Changchun Daily)