It is reported that Li Xiaopeng did not want to carry the blame, and put forward a request to Chen Xuyuan, the national football team to rise

2022-09-04 0 By

After the disastrous defeat to Vietnam, the National football team is completely out of the World Cup. In the words of netizens, now the National football team can start preparing for the 2026 World Cup. It is a bit funny to say, but it reveals many problems in reality.In the replay, many fans performed poorly, such as Wu Lei, Wang Shenchao and captain Wu Xi, who were directly responsible for China’s loss.But the head coach Li Xiaopeng is also to blame.Last year, Li Xiaopeng was ordered to take over the defeat left by Li Tie. His first game was to face the Strong Asian team Japan, which was difficult to imagine. As expected, The National football team lost the ball, but the worst was still behind.Post-match Li Xiaopeng in interviews is very unwilling and are not satisfied, it is reported that Li Xiaopeng don’t want to back pot, make a request to Mr Chen, the team’s going to rise Li Xiaopeng on the match said: “to apologize to all the fans, also gives the players an apology, loss mainly before the game design problems, subsequent beyond repair, the score is not acceptable.From what we can see, the design of the game went wrong, the players tried very hard and the players were very nervous because of over-motivation before the match.As for the performance of the three naturalized players, Li Xiaopeng said, “The naturalized players’ desire to fight and the state of pre-match training were very good, but there was no big match for a long time, which affected the state.The naturalised player has tried his best and has not scored but deserves credit.In the end he apologised to all the fans, saying the loss was due to a design error before the game.The rise of Chinese football will happen sooner or later, but it needs the efforts of generations.This also showed an attitude. Although Li Xiaopeng admitted that his own problems led to the loss, he could not take the blame. If the National football Team wants to rise, it must make efforts from generation to generation.