In civil litigation, the vast majority of forensic expertise is certainly not recognized by one party before application

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Such as disability appraisal, must be applied for by the plaintiff, because this appraisal is related to the final claim of their own compensation amount.But other identification, almost all is not recognized by the party to take the initiative to apply for identification, recognized by the party need not worry.For example, handwriting, one party thinks is false, the other party thinks is true, so it must be the former to apply for identification, because he does not recognize the provincial bureau.Latter, the somebody else is approbate, of approbate still apply for appraisal, that does not give oneself seek trouble.If a fact involves an appraisal, especially in the case where the judge also reminds the parties whether an appraisal is necessary, then the appraisal will certainly play a key role in the corresponding facts and will definitely affect the final judgment of the case, at least in terms of the amount of judgment, then the party who does not recognize must apply for appraisal.In short, when the other side presents evidence that you think is false, you should take the initiative to apply for an appraisal. Although the appraisal takes time, and the appraisal results need to be held again, but it is worth it.(I am Lawyer Xia Qihang. If you have any legal questions, please send me a private message and I will reply.)