How sweet!TNGA flagship Asian Dragon Shangxin

2022-09-04 0 By

How sweet!TNGA flagship Asian Dragon on the new 100 kilometers of less than five oil, oil prices do not panic at all on March 30, FAW Toyota TNGA flagship sedan – new Asian dragon shock market.A total of nine models will be launched, with prices ranging from 199,800 yuan to 279,800 yuan.The new Asian Dragon has achieved breakthroughs and upgrades in several areas.In terms of power, there are three powertrains, 2.0L and 2.5L gasoline engines, and 2.5L dual-engine power, which combine excellent fuel economy with high thermal efficiency and high power output, and reduce fuel consumption to 4.3L per hundred kilometers.In an era of rising oil prices, there is no need to panic with the new Asian Dragon!