How long has Beijing Paradise Cemetery been in existence?Are the conditions good?

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Paradise Cemetery is located on Xizhuang Road, Huangcun Town, Daxing District, Beijing.Daxing District is located in the southeast of Beijing, belonging to the outer suburbs of the county, the whole territory is on the alluvial plain of yongding River, few mountains, many rivers, flat terrain, there are yongding River, Liangshui River, Heaven River, Dalong river, Xiaolong River and Xinfeng river six major rivers, surrounded by green water.Paradise Cemetery is located here, surrounded by lush water and grass, the garden has a wide view of the peace and tranquility.Beijing Paradise Cemetery covers an area of more than 200 mu, is a traditional classical small-scale mausoleum.Founded in 1993, the cemetery has been operating for nearly 30 years, with mature development and profound deposits.Here imitates the construction techniques of traditional gardens. The buildings in the garden are simple and classical. White stone balustrades and still water deeply set off the blooming flowers and shrubs, green pines and cypresses, developing a comely and elegant garden landscape.At present, daxing Paradise Cemetery has placed nearly 20,000 ashes of the deceased, the remaining tomb type is still sufficient, the tomb area carefully built green landscape, flowers and trees, birds and flowers around the solemn tombstone in the solemn and add a warm quietly elegant.Lotus stele, flag stele, red stele, bai Yufu stele, Bai Yushu stele, Dragon and Phoenix double lion stele, Double dragon play bead official cap stele and so on classical thick, profound meaning.In addition, there are lying tablets and family tombs in various forms, and the overall price is relatively moderate.