How did Zhi Wei become so fast?Net friend: received binbin gift of 5 boxes of Wuliangye

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How did Zhi Wei become so fast?Net friend: received binbin gift of 5 boxes of Wuliangye if not a newspaper reporter Liu’s lawsuit, netizens may not know the palm wisdom micro;If it wasn’t for the support of the changed Cat Mother 45, Internet users might not really know about Palm Smart micro.According to theory, Liu reporter is wrong to change the whole life case of the reporter, people from its report also saw his tendency, so, the object of his prosecution, not to say what xu powder, the truth of the powder, at least not du powder.In fact, from the palm wisdom micro blog before the release of yao Xu and Tian Jing live with goods, are holding a positive attitude.However, probably from the cat mother 45 began to question yao Wei’s identity information, began to advocate Tian Jing is the daughter-in-law of the old Du Guo family in law, began to clamor kaifeng uncle scold is Tian, palm wisdom micro attitude slowly changed, from supporting Yao Xu to become out of Yao Xu.So, how did palm Smart become so fast?To this end, some netizens after thinking, finally found the trick: he accepted binbin gift of 5 boxes of Wuliangye.Today, I received five boxes of wine and grain from Binbin, the first time I received such a gift since I participated in the “case of exchanging children for children” for 28 years. I am really an educated child!It’s just that I don’t drink, so discount next time. That’s my favorite!Anyway, based on this, the old score between me and MX Joe is wiped clean!As long as there is a reasonable advantage, a clear position, a firm attitude, the other side will truly respect you.Besides, I never insult people on the basis of the actual situation, nor do I use profanity or insult against their families.I have a big appetite. I have a big appetite. Let’s be clear.A few cheap words to try to get rid of me, I am the kind of jaffa?If you don’t pay me a million more, it’s no use begging for mercy.For me personally, this is where the benefit of at least $1.32 million lies.A penny less is a deadbeat who owes me money, not to mention a discount.- 5 boxes of Wuliangye, change a person;Who can say no to old scores?Is the so-called: the world xixi are for profit, the world is bustling for profit.Plum thank is a happy person, directly said “you make money, we play”;Others are not her direct, but, will be like the wisdom of micro, privately also received someone’s wuliangye and other valuable gifts, it is not easy to say.