Henan tongxin war snow and ice accumulated snow removal of 23,797 kilometers of ordinary trunk roads

2022-09-04 0 By

Many parts of Henan have been hit by heavy snowfall.On January 25, the reporter learned from the Department of Transportation in Henan Province that in order to ensure the safety and unblocked of ordinary trunk highways in the province, the highway system in Henan province quickly carried out snow and ice removal operations.So far, 27,215 people have been dispatched, 3,028 mechanical teams, 2,394 tons of snow removal materials such as industrial salt and 940 tons of anti-skid sand have been thrown, and a total of 23,797 kilometers of roads have been cleared of snow, said an official with the provincial transportation development Center.Next, the provincial Department of Transportation will pay close attention to the weather and road conditions, continue to increase the frequency of road inspection, on overpasses, dangerous old Bridges, wide narrow Bridges, curves, high fill, water near cliffs and other accident prone sections of the implementation of key monitoring.Prepare sufficient snow melt agent, coarse sand and other materials and corresponding snow removal equipment, take necessary snow removal and anti-skid measures for the phenomenon of snow and ice on the road, and guarantee the safe passage of ordinary trunk highway vehicles.[Reporter Zhang Ruiliqian]