Civil rights to carry out afforestation activities for rural living environment to add new green

2022-09-04 0 By

Spring returns to the earth all things su, tree-planting Tim green time.With the theme of “Promoting rural revitalization through afforestation and greening”, all towns and townships in Minquan County have carried out afforestation activities in combination with the improvement of rural living environment, so as to strengthen the ecological background with practical actions and preserve the clear waters and green mountains.February 19, in the county bodang township tree planting scene, more than 100 cadres and workers a group of three people cooperate with each other, swing hoe shovel, move seedlings put seedlings, digging holes, planting trees, covering soil and other links are in an orderly way, the whole tree planting activity site a scene of labor in full swing.”We are planting more than 350 ash saplings today.Hope that through the organization of voluntary tree planting activities, improve the township cadres and the masses to plant green, protect green, love green, green awareness, create a good atmosphere for afforestation, further promote the construction of beautiful countryside, promote rural revitalization.”In the tree planting site, the township organization member Sun Baolei encouraged everyone.”The countryside has made great efforts to plant trees and green the environment. Everyone likes it because it is a good thing for future generations.”The township Zhai Village villager Zhang Ruiping said.In the county Lin seven villages are busy planting saplings, accelerate the construction of farmland forest network, for ecological afforestation busy.Zheng Shimin, 65, who lives in Fuzhuang village this year, joined the green army, waving a spade, planted seriously, speaking of these days of work, he difficult to hide the enthusiasm of labor, “the ans village, men, women and children, has been dry for several days, as long as you are willing to work, everything will become better.When the trees are green and the air is nice, it will be more pleasant to go out for a walk.””An Village are building forest village, planted trees in the streets, not last year and the survival of replanting seedlings, in this is the best time to plant trees, trees grow after the village environment is beautiful, my in the mind also feel comfortable, it is for the an village public welfare jobs and good.”Guozhuang village forest ranger Cheng Yan ‘e proudly said.